Idaho Falls Nightmare

A couple years ago, I looked at moving to Idaho, after seriously looking for land in Wyoming. Folks in Wyoming got wise to the sudden influx of interest in their state, and real estate prices escalated accordingly.

So I started looking west and looked at Idaho. I ended up going to a forum called City-Data forum and man, the truth comes out.

I don’t know how the hell it was decided but poor Idaho Falls, nestled in the high country Idaho has been prime relocation for raghead refugees.

And now, it’s starting there what happened in Europe; raping little girls.

Horror and Hush-Up in Twin Falls, Idaho

Coming soon to a town near you.

Time to get your AR-15



One thought on “Idaho Falls Nightmare

  1. They’re deliberately dumping them into conservative places to try and change the demographic.

    It might just backfire on them by getting American Revolution II started earlier….

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