Thinking Out Loud Today

I’m laid up for a while, stuck at home. Something wrong with my foot. Don’t know what. Hurts like hell. Spent a couple hours in ER last week. It’s much better now, but still unexplained. Swells up strangely too. Doc called it edema. Doc said stay off of it and keep it elevated. As I said, it has improved considerably.

This gives me much time to surf and gather information on things that are going on in the world, country, and state of Texas and most of it is not good.

I take in all this info and form my own opinion, and right now, my opinion is get another rifle with a couple thousand rounds of ammo…quickly.

We finally got a place in the country, that’s great but it’s just another baby step. So many yet to go, and so many we’ve already taken.

Being stuck at home is a huge setback as it had prevented me from continuing moving supplies to the homestead.

I keep reading that the dems are still coming after the guns. So be it, if you’re coming for mine, you better bring yours.

Confiscate food from so-called “hoarders”? Again, how many lives will it be worth to you to steal food from me? and I ain’t talkin’ about MZBs either. I am referring to Feds and FEMA.

I read on a couple blogs today about caravans of trains and trucks hauling military equipment. Nothing new, yet perhaps that is what they want. Familiarity breeds complacency.

I’m probably a little more paranoid than the average person. And I’m easier agitated than the average guy. It had gotten me into trouble more than once.

I’d like to get another rifle. The wife said why don’t you sell one of the revolvers. That’s a thought. We have two Heritage .22lr revolvers; one of them came with a .22 magnum cylinder. We also have western holsters for each and about 800 rounds of magnum ammo for the one gun. Anyone priced .22 WMR ammo? If you can find it, it’s a little pricey. The holsters were $120 each with belts.

I’d like to get a .410 too. It seems a waste to blow away an armadillo with a full blown OO twelve gauge round.

Still, carrying a .22 around the ranch might be prudent to hang on to them…for snakes and sich. A Judge would be nice for snakes.

Taurus Judge 4510TKR-3SS Revolver | .410 GA. .45 Long Colt 5 Rounds Matte Stainless

A buddy told me that the Judge shoots an alternate round .45 long Colt. He said shooting that round in that gun was a real handful of a load. The Judge with the .410 round would be handy for the snakes…even though pop said he never saw any rattlers…he also said that doesn’t mean they ain’t around. It would also mean two more different types of ammo to keep supplied. Hmmm.

I continue my wishful thinking about an AR-15. Still would require us stocking up on that type of ammo as well. The .223 is cheaper than the 5.56 NATO. All kinds of things to consider.

I noticed the price of the Ruger 10/22 has gone up a few dollars also. Used to be able to get those for under $200.

Ruger 10/22 Rifle 1103, 22 LR, 18.5", Semi-Auto, Birchwood Stock, Blued Steel Finish, 10 Rds

I like ’em because one can purchase higher capacity mags. The Marlin semi-auto (from what I have seen) has no after market high cap mags.

I was looking at a Ruger semi-auto .223 rifle, but technically, it wasn’t sold as an AR-15 so it would require purchasing Ruger mags: not AR-15 mags which interchange into all rifles sold as AR-15 platform. I am learning.

Ruger AR556CTG Autoloading Rifle 8505, 16.10 in, Adjustable Stock, Tactical Grey Finish, 30 Rd

Too bad, too. It was less than $700.


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  1. The Ruger AR556 & SR556 are both AR15 style rifles and all mags will fit and function in them. Now if you bought a MINI-14 You would have to get a proprietary mag. Also of note the only major parts difference between an average AR15 and the Ruger AR556 are the gas block and delta ring, with the SR556 it’s the piston system that’s the major difference.


  2. Check out palmetto state armory on web. You can build an ar for less than 500 with parts from them. get on mailing list and get weekly specials. if your interested contact me and will help you. I travel between Eldorado and San Marcos on regular basis and could make small detour to help. also have some spare parts to donate if you are interested..

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