Banter for today: 6/28

My wife has a tutoring student this morning at 11:00 for two hours.

I am certain that her tutoring has kept us in the black during the Dark Times.

I got up a little earlier to cook and eat breakfast as I disappear when she has students.

Today I made egg, tomato, and cheese tacos. I bought some raw white flour tortillas and cooked a couple of them in very hot pan, then cooked three eggs, put them in the tacos with lots of grated cheddar, and let them meld together in the toaster oven at 155° for fifteen minutes.

Meanwhile, I ground up some Columbian coffee beans and made a pot of coffee, and I heated some water for iced tea later. For that I usually heat about 2 quarts of water in the m/w for 9 minutes, and pour the hot water over a gallon tea bag; or a buttload of the smaller ones, and let it steep;  usually until it cools to room temp. It’s not planned, it’s just convenient.

I prefer my coffee with a huge dose of Irish Cream and a whiff of half/half. The Columbian is a nice alternative to my usual Dunkin’ Donuts coffee I get from Sam’s…and yes, two cups of coffee will often times get me enough of a buzz for a nap later.

I had a little incident with the kid last night. I saw her carry a giganto bag out of her room out the front door. I knew what it was, yet I was compelled to express my displeasure.

The garbage people come on Monday. Sunday afternoon, she hauled another two giganto bags of garbage from her room out to the trash barrel. I could not help but smile she’s finally catching on I thought.

The idea is to get all the ding dang garbage out Sunday so that everything is gone: poof! No fresh trash in the house. Get it? ‘Course ya do.

But Monday night? The kid hauls out a 13 gallon bag of cat litter? to sit outside in the high nineties temps for a week? WTF? The scary thing is that this is a relatively normal everyday fucked up thing that she does.

The proper way to do the kitty litter is to use a scoop full of holes that filters out the turds, but leaves the litter intact. Then, one takes the bag of turds out to the trash. This operation should be done daily so as not to stink up the house with catshit odor. The kid has discovered yet another shortcut in her miserable life that involves emptying the entire load of litter into the trash barrel once a week (or tow) and replacing the entire volume of litter. So damn busy, ya know.

My wife and I were watching TV when the kid came home. She had been out all day. We don’t know if she went to class as she disappeared at 9:30 in the morning.

I paused the movie and the wife asked me “what are you doing?”

I merely answered “I am preparing for the interrogation.”

When the kid returned after dumping her humongous bag of catshit into my trash barrel, I asked her “do you know what day this is?” I love being indirect.

She hung her head ’cause she knew she was busted.

“What was in the bag?”

“Cat litter, I forgot.”

“Now that bag of cat shit will sit outside my garage for a week and will stink to high heaven by the time the trash comes again!” I shoulda got an Oscar.


I started the movie, and she went back to her room, and she left a few minutes later. She has not returned.

Side story: she is only a couple of hours away from a degree in biology. She failed the organic chemistry the first time she took it, and she is currently taking it again; in a summer session.

I’m sure she will fail it, as she lies about attending classes.

My foot is still bothering me, but not as bad. That will change as the day goes by. This morning, it’s the arch that is the most painful. I wonder if I coulda broke a bone.

My pop sent me a check for a grand. My brother gave me a heads up saying that pop felt bad that I was pouring all this money into replacing stuff that I had already paid for. Shucks.

My sister in law is a huge gardening fan, and was so looking forward to visiting the ranch, and working in my gardens this summer. Originally she was going to come down mid-July and stay for a week. The plans were changed to July 8, and my wife has decided to put a halt to the visit altogether, due mostly to my foot that is stubborn to heal in a timely manner. At this point, there are no plans to return.

Check back later today. I will update.

I gotta plan my disappearance; meaning snack food and entertainment. I could just nap, but then it would be 1:00. Much too early to wake up from a nap.

I could disassemble my PC, and air out the dust bunnies. Something wrong with the video slot and now sound card; damn Dells.

I could drag out the Beretta and give it a good oiling.

Take inventory on the .22 WMR rounds.

I’ll be hobbling back to my own little room around 10:55.

The wife is up now eating her breakfast.

I’ll need to remember to drink my prune juice. Yeeees, it keeps me regular. I used to laugh at old farts at the grocery store buying prune juice. Damn, it’s a bitch getting old. Since I’ll be in close proximity to the bathroom for a couple of hours, might be a prudent idea.


snuck back through the kitchen to get to the garage fridge for my glass of prune juice. Student was already here. Got caught up in examining the Beretta. It has a worn gizmo called an “ejector”.

Apparently, it is what diverts the empty cartridge out after firing. My ejector is very worn on the end where it touches the cartridge. It looks like a job for the local smith. The part is only ten bucks from Brownells.

The ejector is number 59. The very tip on mine is very noticeably worn.

right side view

OK, I ordered the part; two of them. $28 and change including shipping.

OK, I got bored and napped until 2.

I now am listening to the kid’s damn cat crying because it is out of food and/or water as the kid left mad last night. Kid showed up still pissed off to feed the damn cat. Guess will have to evict them at the end of the year.

Found a youtube video that shows me how to tear down the Beretta and replace the ejector.

Baked some chicken thighs the other day in some bbq sauce and seasoned salt. Had the last two for lunch.

Wife is hot to get me some new shoes that don’t kill me when I walk. My foot today is almost back to normal; better than it’s been since my return visit over two weeks ago.

Supper was taco seasoned ground beef, grated cheddar, corn tortillas briefly fried in hot oil, chopped lettuce, chopped tomato, and some Ranch Style beans. Yep, it was good.

Put the slab of ice cream from the deep freezer into the black freezer to let it soften a bit, and will douse it with chocolate syrup in a frozen bowl. Maybe throw a dollop of peanut butter in between the chunks.