The Daily Banter 6/29…Time for Tunes

Holy crap…July 1 is the day after tomorrow. Really sneaks up don’t it?

My wife was so excited that she got to sleep in today. The days that I sleep in just means that I take my BP meds late. Better to just get up and get ‘er done.

I read another article a few days ago about bacon and cholesterol. I am anxiously awaiting six thick sliced hunks o’ bacon as part of my breakfast.

My foot is about the same. It usually takes a downturn late in the day.

One of the reasons I got up today was dreams. WTF? The past couple of nights I had the weirdest dreams and I was unable to stop them without getting up, and finally, just get up  altogether.

Lots of theories about dreams out there. One is you are all parts of  your dream. I won’t dispute that.

The last dream I had I was trying to pick up a typewriter and a calculator I had in for repair at an office machine store. (I worked as an office machine repair technician in the ’70’s, ’80’s, and early ’90’s.)

It was right at closing time and all the doors were locked and it was Friday. There was only one unlocked door and I kept getting my foot caught in some wire that prevented me from getting inside.

When I finally got in, the total bill was only six dollars. It was an old SCM manual typewriter and a mechanical adder but I needed help to carry them out, and everyone was leaving. I kept getting my foot stuck in the wire and they  kept  locking the door.

I got the hell outa that dream pronto. The other two I don’t remember, as I got up and peed. By the time I got back to sleep, my mind had set up another nightmare.

I’ve been cutting back on my drinking, and that keeps me from sleeping hard.

Time for Tunes from the seventies

Anyone own a compound bow or compound crossbow?

Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package, Camouflage

This is a Barnett Jackal compound crossbow; about $170 at

315 feet per second…and silent.


One thought on “The Daily Banter 6/29…Time for Tunes

  1. I had a little cheep pistol grip crossbow that I used to shoot lines through trees. After the line was up there, I’d use it to haul up an antenna.

    My best buddy back in Illinois was/is into bow hunting big time. He had the first compound bow I ever saw. I liked that you could hold it drawn back because after you got past the break-over point, the leverage reduced the force needed to hold it drawn.

    He had some hunting arrows that were downright medieval! They had like BIG X-Acto blades in them, and the blades would come off the head after it hit the target.

    Looked like they’d really do a number on whatever you hit with them….

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