Time For Some Soul…and more banter

Changed my mind. Here’s some Stevie Ray Vaughn


The pool turned green again; this time while I was here. No excuse except I’ve been keeping my leg elevated, trying to stay off it.

Anyway, the Polaris cratered and was forced to get a new another one. Those guys are every bit of $700 new. I found a used one on Ebay for $300.

Today seemed like as good as any day to get started and fix the pool for the wife.

I sent her out  yesterday to buy some pool shock, which is concentrated chlorine (68% calcium hypochlorite). When I first arrived here nearly three weeks ago, it was green as well because the chlorine tabs had run out.

The chlorinating tower holds maybe ten 3″ tablets, I usually put in eight, and they last about two weeks.

So, the Polaris came in last week, and has been sitting on the living room floor. It came complete; with all hoses and fittings. Pretty handy; all I had to do was screw on the upper hose fitting.

The adaptor that screws into the plumbing on the side of the pool where the Polaris attaches, was broken, and it came a new one of those too.

Actually, I got up early for nothin’ because I was done with the pool in less than half an hour. Now just let the Polaris clean it up and soon it will be clean, blue, and sparkling…before the wife even gets up.

I requested the pool shock that comes in 1 lb bags; that way we know that we’re well, getting a pound into the pool. She came home with a 25 lb bucket of pool shock powder. At least it came with a scoop.

I filled the chlorinator with tabs and made a round around the pool emptying a full scoop of shock.

Here I am a couple hours later, and the pool is still green, but it’s now all in the water; not on the sides and bottom. The bottom looks debris free so the Polaris is doing its job. The Polaris looks like it might need an adjustment on the rear jet to keep if from surfing on top of the pool. No biggy.

I went ahead and added a gallon of Chlorox just now to be certain to knock out the algae.

I cooked and ate breakfast and cleaned up the breakfast dishes. Today, it was thick sliced bacon, and what I call X’s Mexican Omelette.

3 eggs beaten  until fluffy…add to fairly hot non stick pan, but not too hot. Cook until top almost set, then flip carefully.

Now add sliced jalepenos, and grated cheddar on one half, then fold empty half over. Cook a few minutes, then flip, then top.

Top with Wolf brand chili, Ranch Style beans, and more cheddar. I usually put my plate over the pan for a few minutes to trap the heat and melt the cheddar a little. It also heats the plate enough so you’re not putting your hot omelette onto a cold plate.

Nothing but a memory now.

I found this today

The pool was still green at around 1:00 when the wife got up. I went out to check why. I happened to check the filter pressure and it was up to 25 psi…way too high. That means it is clogged.

So a backflush was necessary. Normal pressure is about 8 psi and will work OK until it reaches around 17 psi. After that, we run the risk of the filter collapsing on itself.

By late afternoon, the pool is much clearer.


3 thoughts on “Time For Some Soul…and more banter

  1. Yeah; I hear Jesse Williams blamed “whiteness” for “ghettoizing” black accomplishments. Really? It was “whiteness” that made the current crop of “hyphenated-Americans” bury the success of Motown under the pile of excrement that is rap music? Only another hyphenated-American would believe that! I’m sure he also thinks that “whiteness” told them to walk around with their pants down around their knees as well…

    As for the pool; I ran into the same problem. The water would turn green. I’d shock and super-chlorinate the pool. The algae would die off, only to return a few days later. I’d backflush the filter, shock, and super-chlorinate again. A few days later, …well… you get the idea… The guy down at the pool place (the money disintegration store) turned me on to something called Phos-Free. The bottle is expensive; about $60.00; and looks really small for that price. It lasts a long time though, as you only put in a capful or two, and that, only once or twice a month (I’m still working on the bottle I bought last summer). It removes the phosphates from the water; the “fertilizer” the algae feeds on; no food, no algae. Phosphates are especially an issue if you live in or near a farming area, as I do. It’s on the dust that blows from the field into the pool. Phos-Free works like MAGIC! What you spend on the Phos-Free you’ll more than save down the line, as you’ll use less chlorine and shock! And your water will stay as clear as crystal!

    You dump the stuff into the skimmer box (filter intake) and let the filter run for a while. That’s it!

    …No more green… in your pool or your wallet!

    …Nope; I have nothing to do with making or selling Phos-Free…

  2. I’ve never had a pool, and never wanted one.
    Too much maintenance!
    And yep, I’d switch channels on about half those songs, even today!

    • You’re right about the pool. It was my wife’s dream; not mine You’re right about the music too. In reflection, I dumped the soul for Stevie Ray.

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