July 1 banter

First, some tunes…do yourself a favor and put on your phones

Took a shower today. Since all I have been doing is sitting on my butt in air conditioned comfort, I don’t shower daily.

At this point, I am planning to head back to the ranch on Tuesday; for how long, I don’t know. That means blogging will come to a screeching halt after the 4th.

After my shower, it’s the usual. Take the BP meds, and cook breakfast. Today, I cooked the rest of the raw flour tortillas. There were five of them. That will give me about three days of breakfast tacos.

Will probably add bacon, eggs, and potatoes to the tacos and top with cheese, wrapping them in foil and warming to cheese melt temp in  the toaster oven. Or maybe my favorite: egg, chopped tomato and cheese. The tomatoes go in after the cheese has melted. OK, talked myself into it.

Three eggs

Just going to make two tacos today. I got gypped on one of them…

Almost done

Time to fill

Now the cheese

Now to wrap

Bring  foil up and over taco. That’s the next one underneath, and fold sides in and roll.

Now off to the toaster oven for about 10 minutes; depends how hot it is. Mine is ts 150°.

Ahhh. Nice glob of melted cheese

Now smother with chopped tomato. Mine was soaking in some salsa verde for a little ‘kick’. You can always add pico de gallo or your favorite salsa.

Roll back up and find your place at the table and enjoy. They were good.

Can’t figure why all the pics disappeared. Since WordPress now wants me to “upgrade” to the premium plan for $99 so I can upload pics again. I found a way to do it without paying the MAN. I uploaded the pics to another WordPress site which has not reached its upload limit, and just copied them and pasted to this post.

Then I deleted them from the other site. Then they disappeared. The last pics with the tomatoes were deleted too, yet they are still visible.

Now my daily dose of prune juice. It’s good thing I don’t wander far from home. When the PJ kicks in, there is little warning.

You need to read this from Brock Townsend