X’s Classical Corner: Maurice Ravel

Maurice Ravel’s most famous work is Bolero. I came upon this by accident.

Ravel was technically a composer from the Impressionist and High Modern periods.

FF to 39:47

This is a ballet

Now for the banter so far

Up at 6:30 today as it is Saturday and that means getting to the grocery store early so as to beat all other shoppers and not wait in line. Somehow, recent events have whittled away at my desire to get up early and beat the crowds.

Back home by 7:30 and unpacked refrigerated stuff, and headed balls to the wall to the barber shop. Used to be on Saturday, if one did not get there by 7:30 on Saturday, one was in for a wait.

When I arrived, there was a guy in the chair, and one waiting, and four came in after me. Oh well, out by 8:20, and now off to Lowe’s.

The carpenter ants have attacked my crepe myrtle and the ash tree so I bought some surface spray to put on the trunk for now and some granular ant poison for the yard.

After I got home from Lowe’s, I loaded up the pickup with 11 empty five gallon water jugs and headed to the Watermill for filling.

Unloaded and arranged LILO in the garage. Oh yeah, I also picked up a 10 lb bag ice from there $1.25. Not bad.

Then use the fertilizer spreader to walk the ant poison over the front yard. A brief watering in after that, and I set up the sprinkler for tomorrow morning. We are only allowed to water with sprinklers Wednesday and Sunday 6-10 am and 6-10 pm.

I set my sprinkler up today, then up at 6 tomorrow (even earlier…who’s to know at that hour?) stagger outside and just turn it on, then back to bed.

So now I’m done with the chores. Had planned to go to Sam’s but am bushed. Took a shower as I was pig sweaty after unloading all those jugs.

I’m not even hungry.

Did some preliminary organizing of stuff to haul back to the ranch on Tuesday. My wife bought a set of dishes and glasses. I am bringing several bottles of wine from our TCM wine club to my new neighbors at the ranch. They are retired cops and do like their fine wines. They pick up my mail and are ever watchful of events that may or may not occur at my place across the way.

I also picked up a set of knives in a butcher block, and case of Duraflame logs for 8 bucks.

My stay here turned out to be much longer than originally planned, so probably much of the stuff I had in the fridge up there will have gone bad. Probably a trip to the store will be in order. First, I will have to pay the hired man. I will have owed him for three weeks upon my arrival. He will be glad to see me.