Why Do We Do It

This year as seen some great blogs shut down; Bubba, Stackz, Orbitup is still out there but not blogging any more, and more recently Howard from Preparedness Advice has announced that he is shutting down. Not going out of town, quitting.

Remember Remus a couple years ago shut down? and he came back.

Why do we do this? Do we have something to say to the world? Is this just an outlet for us to think people are listening to our rants?

I don’t know.

It does seem risky to a point to kind of hang our ass out the window going down the busy street on Saturday night.

Poking fun (or worse) at the political machine and more often then not, the president. Call attention to ourselves, yet assume another identity or keep our real identity hidden.

Are we just thumbing our noses at the ‘establishment’? Come and get me! And then, well, some do disappear, don’t they? one way or another?

Do we think we’re doing good? Perhaps. Maybe one new person stumbled onto my blog and discovered the world of prepping. Maybe he or she understood my rant, and are now on board. Perhaps now they too, started their own blog about something they are passionate about.

When I’m up at the ranch, I  miss not being able to do this.

Do I think people flock to my blog to see what classic rock song I posted today? nah, although it’s a subject I am passionate about.

Do people check my posts to see how the world of prepping has advanced since yesterday? nah, although I consider myself a serious prepper, and have moved on to the next phase of that

X’s great wisdom? nope

X’s sharp wit? nah

Joke of the Day? nah

Classic Corner? nope.

So what is it?

Perhaps a connection. Maybe once you stumbled onto my blog and read something that made you say to your self ‘damn right!’ or ‘I remember that song’!

X is not philosophical. Most of the stuff I write is not deep. Truthfully, until 2010, I didn’t give a damn about anything political.

What happened? I became informed. I started my blog about a condition that my youngest son has. I felt that because I “put it out there” others could see and read about it, and that I did something. 

The first bloggers I followed, I don’t follow any more. Maybe I grew past them, maybe after reading them daily, I got to know them and dumped them, discovering that I really didn’t like them after all, or I no longer saw eye to eye with them.

Through links and links I discovered the ones I show and follow now. My blogroll changes weekly. People fall out of favor. Others drop out of site. Some just fade away.

I fear that soon, I may be dropping off as well.

I will say this; I am really concerned about the upcoming election. I fear we may have never seen the mudslinging like it will be done for the November elections.

I also have a fear in the back of my brain that says the Democrats will rig the election (again), and win.

China is poised with its finger on the button.

N. Korea is same.

Muslims are infiltrating our country daily, and ISIS continues to take responsibility for cowardly acts of terrorism.

Tens of thousands of immigrants are coming across our southern borders daily, and are being relocated to centers near you.

Islam is now taught in our schools.

Radiation from the Fukahsima reactor disaster has caused a 200% increase in various cancers in western US.

Our own president wants to disarm us, as do all liberals.

The Middle East is in total chaos.

56,000 guns are being sold in this country on a daily basis.

The word “revolution” is now more than just a passing thought.

For years, I thought this song was “A Summer’s Day”. It took me a long time to figure out I was wrong.


3 thoughts on “Why Do We Do It

  1. Good points.

    I’m worried about the election, too.

    It Hitlery gets in, then stick a fork in us, we’re done. We;ll descend into chaos, and probably be invaded by some country.

    Our rights, what’s left of them, will completely evaporate, and we’ll be living in a police state.

  2. Damn Right!

    Adding you to the blogroll at The Vulgar Curmudgeon so I can come back and read more later.
    Don’t let the name fool ya, we are on the same side. Check my blogrolls and see for yourself.

    Busy busy right now.

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