Happy Birthday America! 240 Years Old

How fitting. 240 years ago today, the Declaration Of Independence was signed, and the Revolutionary War went into full swing.

Technically, the Constitution wasn’t drafted until 1789, as well as the First Ten Amendments, better known as the Bill of Rights.

Here we are today, and the word “revolution” is more than a whisper mentioned in passing.

Revolution is on our minds every time we listen to a speech by anyone speaking pro gun control, because those of us gun owners will not give them back, register them, or let them be taken from us; period.

Supposedly, there are 3 million private gun owners in the country. I would wager my left testicle that there are more than that. Even three million armed civilians are more than there are in our current military. Of course, now that the Feds have armed the IRS, game wardens, park rangers, and other federal employees, the armed feds are increasing. So be it. I’ll bet my other testicle that you and I could out shoot an IRS employee any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

The guns are the first thing they will take. Then, they will take everything else.

More and more, we the general public are seeing more brazen local law enforcement and even state troopers illegally confiscating stealing arms and cash from law abiding civilians across the country.

Sounds like the LEOs are already afraid of us civvies. I’m tellin’ ya, one too many more incidents like that, ’twill be the catalyst that will start the uprising. Remember ‘the shot heard ’round the world’?

obamski and his admin have passed so many bullshit laws that chances are, on a normal day, you and I break one or two. We are over regulated…remember King George?

It’s almost an everyday thing now; the cops had the wrong address and kicked in doors and may or may not have shot and killed innocents in pursuit of a drug warrant. Dumbass cops. Liars. Cowards.

The Supreme Court recently ruled that cops can pull you over and search your car and home too without a warrant. That is wrong. The Bill of Rights is very specific on that; it’s called the Sixth Amendment.

In a recent interview, Swillary commented on the Second Amendment, beginning her sentence with the words “if the Second Amendment is valid” blah blah blah. I hope she has an aneurysm caused by one of her coughing fits.

The democrats have to cheat to win. Remember the Sandy Hook Hoax? The dems are so afraid of us gun toting civilians that they have to make up shit to get the public behind them and their fascist, gun controlling attitudes. Don’t kid yourselves. The Sandy Hook shooting was nothing more than a half-assed lame FEMA drill.

Eric Holder, former Attorney General of the US, got involved with an ATF scam to get guns into Mexico, then recapture them saying “See? See? We have to stop selling guns to keep them from the cartels!”

What they didn’t count on was a US Border Patrol agent getting killed with one of them. Someone pointed a finger at Holder, accusing him of knowing about it and the only defence he has is “it’s because I’m a Negro, ain’t it?” Chickenshit asshole.

Democrats are mentally incapable of accepting responsibility. In fact, that’s what they preach. They think it’s OK and hence, have millions of followers: who don’t want any responsibility either because it’s easier that way.

Did you know that if you sell a home or property, and you make money on it, that the feds now take 3% of your profit? That’s your unwilling contribution to obamacare. It’s called taxation without representation.

Then there is the political machine in DC. It is a seemingly unstoppable snowball rolling downhill, picking up more and more politicians, kickbacks, benefits, corruption, the list goes on. Even the good guys aren’t the good guys any more. It’s getting to the point where the only way to stop it is to pull the plug. Fire everyone and send ’em home. Here comes the “R” word again.

The best disguise you can wear these days is a burka. No one will mess with  you. For me, my six foot height and size 14 feet would give me away, not to mention I’d have to wear glasses on the outside of the mask thingy.

Then there is the obamski admin that keeps passing bullshit laws and giving hundreds of millions of dollars to some bullshit science project that wants to study the sex life of the yellow bellied humming moth or some bullshit art studio that teaches kids how to draw symbols of being a raghead. Where does he think the money comes from?

Did you hear about Moochelle’s visit to Morocco and her pledge to give hundreds of millions of dollars to educate girls there? That cost you and I $600,000 just for one night. Someone please tell me why the first bitch is making policy and giving away my money. Oh yeah, she takes her rugrats wherever she goes now too. Like a couple of lap dogs.

I hope I have the opportunity to oppose and be heard when the revolution approaches. I have two children, and it would not be right to leave them to fight this monstrosity by themselves.

Happy Birthday America. I am proud to be an American. I am no longer proud of what America does.