Out for a while

I’ll be out of internet range for I don’t know how long.

Vacation is over.

I have much to do and I am fresh out of excuses.

The wife will be taking her car as well and spend a couple weeks at our retreat.

The priority is getting the gardens starting to compost. I have some stuff to start that but will have to purchase a utility trailer to haul horse manure.

Will take the weedeater to cut the weeds close in the gardens, then add peat moss, then a bunch of tea bags and coffee grounds and vegetable chunks I have been saving…to start. Then will cover the gardens with black plastic sheeting while shopping for a trailer. I am hoping the sheeting will kill all the weeds and Bermuda grass while at the same time, starting the process of composting.

I will have to repair a busted PVC in the irrigation line to one of the gardens too. Shouldn’t be a problem, and that always brings up Murphy’s 14th Law

Anything you try to do yourself will take longer and cost more than you thought.

Bring it on, Murphy.

The master bath toilet is still not working, and am strongly considering just replacing it with a real toilet instead of the newfangled one that I cannot seem to find parts for.

I am looking forward to using the Mantis tiller for the gardens. Too bad, the tiller is so good and the company uses sleazy tactics to get people to buy their stuff.



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