Back Home Briefly

In anticipation of in influx of family to the ranch, I decided to pull the trailer home and load up with some furniture to allow visitors to stay in the bunkhouse.

My knee started acting up and I hobbled a couple days while still at the ranch. The compensation has caused my calf to be sore now as well. Getting old is a bitch. You younger folks appreciate your youth.

I came home also to recuperate as at the ranch, there are no chairs, say for two and they are not very comfortable.

A couple days of very light duty at home will aid in my recuperation…hopefully.

A pic of my new trailer

A 5×8 utility trailer. I added the 2×12 walls to hold the horse manure. I have had one load so far and gotten it added to the raised gardens.

A nice load of partially composted horse manure.

I had to empty it to head home. I got almost all of it into the gardens. I didn’t bring my camera home to upload garden pics.

OK let’s review: 5 raised gardens; about 100 sq feet per garden. My Mantis tiller is perfect for tilling the gardens and its sharp tines chew through almost anything. I put several wheelbarrows full of manure in each garden and tilled it in. Then I wet it heavily, and covered it again with the plastic sheeting. That was Phase 1.

Phase 2 is a repeat of Phase 1, but the soil is much more easily tilled.

My trip back was interesting as I ran straight into a very strong headwind. With the weight of the trailer, my truck pretty much stayed in passing gear the last half of the trip, using almost an entire tank of gas after a fill up in George West, Texas. That’s 150 miles on almost 16 gallons. The engine got really hot too.

I had the oil changed when I got here, and instead of 5W 20, I went with 10W 30 as the oil pressure gauge twitch so fast, I couldn’t even see the needle as it was a blur. Oil too thin Keemosabe.

The last change I ran a quart of Marvel Mystery Oil in the crankcase as well. This change was straight oil. I would have preferred to run pure 30W but they don’t use it. Guess I’m old school, but one does not need multi viscosity oil in Texas in the summer.

Got a haircut from my usual barber and had him trim my beard as well as my grooming tools are still here.

Another concern is the safety of the trailer; not getting stolen. I have a case hardened long shackle Master that locks the ball lock and I bought an 8ft cable that runs through the rim and around the leaf spring. At least it will slow them down. Better check on insurance too.

I had really wanted to just put a ball on my bumper and use that, but the bumper is too high so I had to buy a hitch and have it installed. I also had to purchase a new spare for the pickup as the one I had was the original (14 years old). I really wanted a  spare tire and rim for the trailer, but did not want to wait to order the rim.

Service for Pop is set for Friday at his home church where I will speak and the wife will play piano. Any further participation by family is unknown to me.

My youngest brother will be coming alone as all his kids are smack dab in the middle of the first week of school.

My wife also will miss two days of her first week of school.

It seems that we have accommodated all others, and the family is the one that is suffering the most. The church was unable to have the service on Saturday due to a previously scheduled fund raiser they had been planning.

Cousins from North Dakota will be driving down as Pop was the last uncle of nine kids.