We’re In Some Trouble Now

We’ve got Robert de Niro telling everyone that “Trump is nuts

We all know that de Niro is a very wealthy hypocritical liberal who made the bulk of his fortune on guns in movies, and now criticizes them.

I’ve been listening a lot to KTSA talk radio out of San Antonio, and they lean a little to the right.

It was suggested that Trump was hired by the Clintons to get the nomination, then screw it up giving the presidency to Swillary.

Trump was doing OK until after the DNC and now the polls show Shrillary leading. Of course, there is the old saying “figgers lie and liars figger” meaning polls can change during the day.

The media is so behind Swillary that it makes me vomit. CNBpuke, CNpuke are leading the way as Swillary’s largest supporters, twisting and re-examining everything coming out of Trump HQ to the point where it is saturating the air.

It is also strongly suggested that the upcoming election will be rigged.

I am going to tell you all something about today’s technology. I worked in the copier business 35 years. Every single time you make a copy today, send a print job to a copier, send a fax through a copier, scan a document to your PC or your flash drive, the copier takes a picture of that document, and stores it on the copier hard drive.

Any technician who sets up a copier has all the passwords he needs to access said hard drive, and download any and every piece of data on it.

For example, if John goes to the hospital and has surgery on his shoulder, every document associated with the surgery can be off loaded from it. Pictures, billing, insurance information, cost, and even video and audio files passed through the copier can be obtained.

Voting machines, I assure you are a lot less technical than today’s copiers. A voter walks up to a touch screen terminal (which we used to call dumb terminals) places his/her vote, and the data is sent to a server.

Then when the polls close, all accumulated data is sent to yet another server where all the votes are tallied.

Any computer on any network can be hacked and I think you and I are seeing that more and more every day.

The software that runs the voting machines has to be maintained and updated from time to time. It would be too costly to have a technician go to each voting precinct and do the update, so it is done remotely.

Again, who is to say that a technician couldn’t run an additional program that changes all the Trump votes to Swillary before it is sent to the big tally server? You think about it.

In the 2012 election, I watched precinct after precinct come in with obamski having 100% of the votes, and even 103% of the votes in a precinct.

No freaking way, man. No freaking way.

There is always some clown who will write in Ted Nugent or Arnold Schwarzenegger.

There is no precedent for a rigged national election. The loser loses, and the cheater gets to be president.

The democrats cannot win without cheating.

Swillary was diagnosed with dementia recently.

Well, we knew she is sick, and it’s nice to see something published to that effect.

It’s gonna be a real mud slinger.