Eagle San Antonio Classic Rock FM

I can take it no longer. This relatively new radio station pats themselves on the back with great regularity regarding how great they are.

“San Antonio’s only classic rock station” is their feeble claim to shame.

Ha! Don’t make me laugh.

In the world of classic rock, your station is a joke. Why? I’m gonna give you a free gift, and tell you how to improve your station to the point where we classic rockers would be proud to put a window sticker of your station on our vehicles.
I have seen much better stations than yours fold that play much more variety than you.
You will not last long if you do not broaden your scope.
Smart folks will get tired of Tom Petty, Motley Crue, John Melloncamp, Def Lepard, and the rest of the crap you play over, and over and over and over again. Adios muchachos. You will end up tossed out the window with your sister station kkyx. Can only stand only so much Randy Travis.

First, classic rock started in the sixties; not the eighties. Most of the music you play is eighties music. Big hair bands? Technically, but stop bombarding us with that music. Sometimes I think you should call yourselves the Tom Petty channel. Geez, enough already. Pink Floyd did more albums than The Wall, Dark Side Of The Moon, and Wish You Were Here. C’MON man. Knock the dust off those classics like Meddle, Animals, and The Division Bell and play ’em. Do you guys know who founded the band? Do you even know the title of the first album?
Holy crap. If I gotta hear U2 In The Name Of Love again, I think I might shoot my radio. Ever hear of no repeat Thursday? Where’s Heart? Two hits from Dreamboat Annie and Barracuda and that’s it?
Where’s The Who? All I ever hear is We Don’t Get Fooled Again.
Where’s Badfinger? Yardbirds? What famous guitarist emerged from that band?
Chambers Brothers? Bob Dylan? You guys are out there waving the Eagle Desert concert with him but you don’t play any. You have Ian Anderson introducing himself, but you don’t play any Jethro Tull.
And someone please ‘splane to me for cryin’ loud, why you introduce Roger Waters as being from Pink Floyd? Hell, every classic rocker knows that.
And where are The Doors? L.A. Woman?
It’s almost like you are tryin to redefine the genre of classic rock to suit your demographics.
Classic rockers are at retirement age.
You have a responsibility to maintain classic rock and present it in its pure form; all of it.
Rod Stewart?
Janis Joplin?
Seals and Crofts?
Ted Nugent?
Frank Marino?
Jeff Beck?
Eric Clapton? Sorry, Layla was done by Derek and the Dominos.
Emerson, Lake, and Palmer?
Hamilton, Joe Frank, and Reynolds?
Yes besides 90125?
Stevie Wonder?
Jimi Hendrix?
CSN? That’s Crosby, Stills, and Nash
Deep Purple? Besides Machine Head.
Five Man Electrical Band?
Led Zeppelin; Communications Breakdown and Led Zeppelin II.
Buffalo Springfield?
You don’t play any Neil Young even though you advertise him on the concert you’re promoting.

You guys (and gal) are teachers now. It’s up to you to try to convey to the younger folks what classic rock was all about. We classic rockers LIVED through it.
Enough of Journey already! We tolerated them back in the day, but please cut back on plays in a 24 hour period.
You play a blurb about John Lennon’s death, but you don’t play him either.

eighties rock sucks hind titty to the real thing. Your station does that; sucks hind titty to the real thing. Live with it because you will not last long.

I cannot believe the shit that spews forth from your station. You fuckers really believe that classic rock began in the eighties. If I could Would burn your station to the ground.

Who is Kitty? A broken down cigarette smoking old bag you found in an alley somewhere? Geez lady, keep it in your pants with regards to the ” most interesting man in the world”

The more I listen the more I realize how lame you are. My only alternative is classic country (yawn).


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  1. One of the things I lost in a move years ago was a copy of “The Top 1000 Hits of All Time” poster from San Antonio radio station “55 KTSA.” They put it out around 1970 or 1971.

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