Home For the Weekend

I say ‘home’. It’s difficult to discern which is really home. Well, not really.

The ranch is ours, yet I still consider the house on the border as ‘home’.
I made real good time this trip. 4 hours to the off ramp from the ranch driveway. I did not bring the trailer this trip.
My knee has been giving me a hard time for a couple weeks now, and I figured that I might as well sit on my ass at home, than at the ranch.
Phase 2 of the gardening is now complete which just entailed another wheelbarrow of composted manure on each garden, then recovered with the black plastic. My Mantis till now falls to the fender of the unit, as the soil is so loose.
The Mantis tiller people finally sent me my gift card. I have been fighting them for three months now. I shall have to print a retraction on a former post rectifying this.
The ding dang Bermuda grass got so tightly wrapped around the center of the tine shaft assembly, that the grass popped out the bearing cup. I managed to tap it back into place and hope it will not need more attention, although it is just wishful thinking. I sent them an email with my concerns, and have as of yet not heard back from them.
As usual, there are things that have gotten broken during my absence, including our laser printer, and the Polaris pool cleaner…again.
The printer, a Kyocera FS-1010 has a separator pad gone bad…10 years old. They don’t last forever. It just got hard and no longer offers enough friction to separate the sheets. We’ll have to buy an entire cassette as the pad is no longer available by itself to the tune of about $90. I tried to rough it up (it’s just a piece of cork) but helped very little in preventing double feeds.
I have not investigated the Polaris yet. The ding dang neighbor’s kids slipped through a loose board in the fence and literally trashed the pool and the back yard while I was away. My wife called the landlord, who was our neighbor for many years, and told them. I told her to call the police. The people denied it, although they could not explain how the loose board got magically fixed. The police questioned the kids briefly. Hopefully, they got the fear of God put into them.
I plan to return to the ranch, bringing the small deep freeze I got at Sam’s a couple months ago. I have a spot picked out for it at the ranch. I plan to haul it with the frozen goods, packed with some dry ice.

Will try to just take it easy and heal the knee for a few days before attempting any hard manual labor.
When I arrived at the ranch at my last trip south, it rained the entire trip back up pulling the trailer. I hauled a fold out couch with all the cushions, a dining room set with 2 leaves and six chairs (Ethan Allen), and a queen size bed with frame in preparation for an influx of expected guests we thought may be attending Pop’s funeral.
I hired a couple guys to wrap everything in tarps and duct tape for the trip and was largely successful.
That was the last of the rain. We got about six inches in four days. That was the 19th. Amazing how green the yard got after the rains. The deer flourish after rainfall.