Back To The Retreat

I guess I’ve done all I can do here for now. My knee is better after donning one of them there Copper Fit Knee braces.

I went to Sam’s today and stocked up on lots of supplies, most of which will be going with me up to the ranch. I now have a huge dent in the pantry, and a very much expanding new pantry.

I have to return in October to vote. Early voting here starts October 24. Seems kinda late, but whatever.

My inspection is due in October as well, and I’ll need a new windshield to pass.

Have done much research on gardening particularly in raising potatoes. I  have ordered my crop of 1015 onion starters that should go in the ground in mid-October. I also read that here in central Texas, one can grow potatoes in the fall as well. Perhaps next September for that one.

I have more seeds coming as well. Something is eating at me saying that SHTF is just around the corner…that’s just me, but I am approaching satisfactory levels of food storage at the ranch.

I’ll need to work on a gennie for the well if power goes out, then some serious water filtering, but other than that, and some basic perimeter shoring up, I should be all right.

I can’t help driving away wondering if I’ll see my wife again, or if she has the capacity to store a bug out bag in her car and keep the tank full to make a break for it if she needs.

My internet use there is very sporadic at best. Cricket said I could set my phone up as a Wi-Fi hotspot, then attach my computer to the internet through it. I have not experimented as of yet. There is no other alternative.

I’ll miss Dr Jim’s continuing Supra Project, and Titty Tuesday at Bubba’s. Stackz is always an interesting read, even though he has scaled back. Busted Knuckles is always up to speed as well. Remus is only once a week, but he’s got tons of info there. I’ll keep up the best I can. PP is a good reference for us gardener/farmers to see how weather affects the rest of us.

I got some serious garden maintenance to do, and I hope I’m up for it.

I’m bringing my Mongoose along, and plan to cut down my caloric intake to about 1200 a day.


One thought on “Back To The Retreat

  1. You can use your phone as a hotspot if you have a data plan.

    You might be better off buying a dedicated 3G/4G portable hotspot like I have. Lots of them are “pay as you go” so you don’t have a recurring bill, or you can get a cheap monthly plan that will allow email.

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