The Weather and Other Things

I was reading over at Rob’s place about how the temps have dropped overnight up there.

Haven’t seen any evidence of that happening here yet.

I could not get the 7 day forecast to load as it came up 4th of July weekend. It’s showing possible showers for the  next several days here.

The rain (if it actually occurs) will drop the temps some, yet on the other hand the humidity gets unbearable.

The past three days, it was over 100 here at our villa on the US/Mexico border.

It will get cooler quicker up at the ranch, but probably not very much. We probably won’t seen temps regularly out of the nineties until late October…at least in the RGV.

I hope to see more fall-like weather in the hill country this year. ‘Twill be my first.

When I make my trek northward tomorrow, I know I will see no fewer than twenty DHS/Border patrol cars lurking close to the highway before I get to the check point at Falfurrias; where, amongst other things, they will take several pictures of me and any other passengers, scan my vehicle for heavy solid objects, and check out what they can see without invading my vehicle.

It will be hot and sticky, and I cannot help wonder about those illegals that made it across the river, and are hiking across the sandy mesquite filled lands of south Texas. It would be difficult for a person even if they had ample water and food.

A buddy I met at the local oil change place, mentioned that he had a deer lease in Brooks county with a cabin. They replaced the locks and deadbolts on the doors and windows several times before they decided to leave the place open, then chase the illegals out who are there when they go hunting.

The landowners in south Texas have to go on ‘body patrols’ to find and bodies of those who did not make it. Coyotes do not eat Mexicans, or so I’ve heard.

My wife has just been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. It was difficult to swallow, and  now her doctor is searching for a decent rheumatologist. It is treatable. She is concerned that the school will can her because of all her absences.

She has already made a plane reservation to fly to Ft. Worth to see an endocrinologist for her thyroid problem. Apparently, there are no qualified doctors down here in the asshole of America to treat that problem suitably.

And now the arthritis.

I cannot help that the thyroid problem is the cause, or at least contributed to her newly discovered RA issue.

The local hospitals are geared towards Medicare and Medicaid, and they make billions off it.

A few years ago, Doctor’s Hospital at Renaissance got busted for Medicare fraud. Why the hell would they care about a piddly $4 billion dollar fine, when they made $400 billion?

Time to get out of this shithole. I have been unable to convince my wife to do so as of yet.