What’s With Swillary?

Swillary is within reach of the presidency. She can smell it; it’s so close. The proverbial brass ring is right there.
But wait: there are some hindrances in her way.
Her health seems to be deteriorating as of late. We all know she’s butt-ugly, and whether or not that is a disease is another issue. Her voice grates on my nerves, and usually makes me change the station, cover my ears, or leave the room.
What’s with the coughing spells? I mean, normal folks just don’t bust out coughing without something wrong. Some are saying pneumonia, but the Clintons aren’t saying the truth, and that’s nothing new.
Then there’s her tripping, stumbling, falling, cascading, leaning, crashing, passing out, yawning, lying, backpedaling, smoke and mirrors, covering up, and fainting that we’re all watching now.
Perhaps this black mass inside her that feeds on lies, is now consuming her from within.
It’s only fitting, after all…that she is so pertected that she destroys herself.
Word is that she crashed at Chelsea’s pad the day she passed out. Then emerged a body double. Is that possible? To use a double? Is it possible that there is another bitch that ugly on the planet?
Just s’posing, what if she is really sick? I read a horror story the other day where the DNC would install the infamous negress Moochelle. Talk about ugly, but that’s a horse of a different color…pun absolutely intended.
Now they say they would plug in Bernie if Swillary kicked the bucket (I can dream can’t I?) or if she actually admitted being sick.
Personally, I think Swillary would lie to her deathbed and beyond to be presidentress.
What do you think?


One thought on “What’s With Swillary?

  1. Hildebeast will lie to her death; for sure! For Hildebeast, the presidency is a prize to be won. She wouldn’t care if she died a week after taking the oath of office (as if ANYONE would believe she was sincere!), as long as she could die saying “I was the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES.”

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