It’s Good To Be Home

It’s good to be home, even if only for a couple of days. I haven’t been here since mid-August.
Last week, I went to Forth Worth to pick up a TV from my brother in law. He said to just come and get it. It is a 73 inch Mitsubishi DLP full 1080p digital. I had to purchase the ‘light chip’ that generates the lights for the screen as the screen was getting filled with white dots.
I had to remove my tool box in my Ranger so to get the TV to fit. I went up Wednesday and the plan was to return on Thursday with us replacing the chip on Wednesday afternoon.
All plans change, and these certainly did. One thing led to another, and I stayed Thursday and Friday. We replaced the chip, and I was going to leave Friday, but it was raining. ‘Twas a good excuse to stay another day.
I left Saturday morning, and barely got to downtown Ft Worth when the whole damn TV fell face down onto the side of the truck. Seemed like a good time for an eye roll.
I drove a few more miles, then pulled off and just anchored the sombitch against the side of the pickup bed using some cardboard for padding (the whole TV was wrapped in blankets, furniture pads, and a tarp with half roll of duct tape).
Great. 4 1/2 more hours to go.
I got it home at the ranch, and called my helper who came over to help me unload it. We did so, and I powered it up and surprisingly, no visible damage pulling up the menu screen. As of yet, I have no internet nor TV out there yet. I am considering satellite internet. From what I hear, there is plenty of TV on the internet these days without having to pay cable or satellite TV charges. We’ll see.

Today, I drove south to my other home, as I wanted to get a huge load hauled back to the ranch, and another trip next week before the election.
I pulled the trailer as I plan to bring the chest freezer, and the spare fridge too. That damn trailer is like towing a parachute. The gate is full of holes, but apparently, not enough. I burned almost a whole tank of gas from George West Texas to here, usually takes half a tank without trailer.

Pic of trailer with high gate/ramp.
Also some more good news, my knee has pretty much completely healed. I bought a copper fit knee brace and laugh if you will, since I started wearing it, my knee is definitely almost normal. Enough to that I can now walk around without limping and do other things that I could not do a month ago.
I will have a full day tomorrow. I have to empty the spare fridge, and put freezer items in the deep freeze. I have to remove the fridge shelves and box them up, and put away fridge items in the house fridge.
I have to make a run to Sam’s.
I have to call my helpers to help load up on Tuesday before I leave for the ranch.
I must put together the rest of the stuff for the load.
I also need to purchase a low boy cart from Harbor Freight to facilitate moving the two large appliances.
Then Tuesday, I’ll need to purchase a quantity of dry ice to put in the freezer to keep said items frozen until I make the 5 hour road trip back to the ranch.
Then, next Sunday, I do it again. This time without the trailer.
Then on the 6th November, my wife wants me to drive her to Fort Worth to see a specialist for her RA.
Here’s to a busy few days coming up.

One of my joys unbounded is the toilet paper I get to use when in town. On the ranch, we use a septic system, and must use a cheap, thin toilet paper. In town, I get to use the thick stuff. Pure heaven.


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  1. Satcom for internet is expensive. Also check download limits and bandwidth when you price this out.

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