Some Are Destined To Be Burned

Probably should have…Never was a Schlitz fan.

Maybe a new vacuum cleaner would cheer her up…

At least there was one for her…


4 thoughts on “Some Are Destined To Be Burned

  1. Or as my buddies in College called it “Shits Beer”….

    Funny how you drink different beers at different points in your life. In college I drank Pabst Blue Ribbon because I could get 2 quarts of it for $2.
    Later all my buddies and I drank Old Style, cuz it was our “hometown” beer.
    Then I switched to Miller, and as my drinking days were winding down, I drank Foster’s. There was a place out here in L.A. that had Foster’s on tap, and it was excellent.

  2. I could barely notice any difference between MGD and regular Miller.

    But then I was never a beer “connoisseur”, I drank for effect!

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