Brief Visit Before Returning

As I was saying, I came south to get a new windshield, then pass state inspection, then my license sticker, then another load of stuff, then back to the ranch.

My windshield appointment is Monday morning, after which I will work on getting the inspection.

Early voting begins on Monday as well.

If Swillary wins, I will be making run after run until the move is done.

Will still have until the 20th of January before she/it will take office. It will be a cold day for sure if she wins.

I did get the fridges switched out at the ranch. The old one took up a whole lot more space in the pantry than I planned.

The deep freeze fit nicely into its spot. I may have to switch their places. The deep freeze did not need dry ice after all as contents remained frozen for the five hour trip.

The windshield got installed, passed inspection, and got my license sticker. Now gotta get some meds renewed, and do the early voting thing before going back.


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