Cider Time

It’s time for X’s fall cider. This year, X is using 6 gallons of Louisburg cider, and 5 lbs of honey. I boiled down 2 gallons to one, then let cool overnight.

I added 2 lbs of raisins and 2 thinly sliced lemons.

I am using the Lalvin 1118 wine yeast this year.

The original gravity was 1.086.

I have supplies coming in to make a batch of wheat beer too that should be ready by Christmas.


4 thoughts on “Cider Time

  1. I never made cider before. Maybe it’s time to give it a try. I do have a batch of Munich Helles lagering that should be ready in about another few weeks. I just added the Lalvin RC-212 yeast to a small batch of black raspberry wine. First time for that kind. Too bad it won’t be ready to drink taste until this time next year…………………

  2. That sounds like a good cider recipe.

    When I was brewing, my Christmas brew would usually be a spiced Porter that I would make out all my left over grains. This would allow for “new crop” grains and hops for the coming year.

  3. I did a Christmas ale one year, and I aged a couple of large bottles for a year, and drank the rest ‘young’. The clove became almost overpowering in the aged batch. The ‘young’ batch had a much more mingled flavors of the spices. I’ll announce when I bottle. I am always happy to share.

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