One Last Note…

In the wake of the 2012 “election”, one of our fellow bloggers, who appears on many of YOUR blogrolls (not on mine), cried and whined like a little girl about  how he had voted Libertarian, and shame on all of us who did not vote that way. I could not believe his crybaby attitude, and subsequently removed him from my blogroll after that.

I looked at his blog archive, and they don’t even go back to 2012. Probably because he used to use another name for the blog.

Vote responsibly? What the hell does that mean? Sounds like a middle-of-the-road approach.

You and I cannot afford another four years with a democrat in the white house.

Got it?

The only way we keep out the Clintons (yes, both of them) is to vote for Donald…period.

Smoke it, choke on it, slam it down, chug it, eat it, swallow it, deal with it, suck it up, bite the bullet, face the music, stand up and take it, whatever you gotta do just take a bite of the shit sammich and vote for Trump.

If you don’t, we all lose. You, I, all the frickin’ illegal Mescans running through my town, all the sand niggers now getting paychecks when many of our veterans are homeless, radical muslims entering our country every day, and are coddled by the administration…yes, all will suffer eventually.

You know who won’t suffer? The assholes that want them here; namely Obamski, who just ordered a higher fence around the black house, and the rest of the administration and bleeding heart liberals.

On my trip down on Sunday, I noticed an increase in folks being pulled over by State Troopers, and DHS vehicles…noticeable increase.  These unfortunates were all  northbound.

I decided to head back tomorrow on Election Day, instead of “wait and see what happens.” I brought the trailer again. This trip I removed the ramp, and stowed it in the trailer. It greatly increased my gas mileage that other trips of late with the gate attached and upright.

Forecast is for rain all the way up on Tuesday, at origin and destination.

I don’t know when my next post will be. It’s very difficult to blog from a smartphone at the ranch, and given the speed of internet at said ranch, which is little more than 3G.

If Trump loses, we all lose.

I ain’t sayin’ that Trump is going to solve all our problems, or that he is the savior of the United States.

He is the lesser of the evils, that is all.


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