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True story…
I have a Volcano II multi fuel stove. It’s pretty handy as it folds up, has a carrying case, runs on charcoal, wood, and with the right option, it can burn propane as well.
I decided to purchase that option, and Emergency Essentials advertised that they sold them, so I ordered one. I gave them my CC info, and anxiously for its arrival, as the site emailed me saying it would be shipped the next day.
Two weeks went by, and I emailed them about the order.
Another week went by, and I got a follow up email asking if customer service had satisfied my concern.
I took this golden opportunity to let someone who gave a shit know that they had dropped the ball…big time.
Another week went by, and I sent yet another email about my order as my CC had not been charged yet. I also asked if the particular email box was monitored.
I got a reply this time. “Oh, we don’t have any more of those”. And yes the email box was closely watched, and why was I so upset.
After the dust settled, and the smoke cleared, and X’s veins in his forehead returned to normal, it was decided that X not do business with them, and tell the world my story.
I am telling you this because I noticed these pricks advertise on my blog.
I recommend that you shop elsewhere besides Emergency Essentials for your prepping supplies.


3 thoughts on “About Emergency Essentials

  1. i’m really sorry you had this issue. i have done business with them for years, almost monthly, and never had any issues. yours is not the only one i’ve heard lately tho. i think they like so many others have contracted out their delivery and warehouse services.

  2. I’m sorry to hear about this problem you had with us. We know we have had sub par customer service in the past, and have been working hard to fix those issues. We are doing a lot better in that area, but unfortunately your correspondence slipped through our radar. As to how that happened, I can’t say. Truth be told, it should never have happened.

    I would like to apologize for your experience with us. Since the product you ordered was no longer available, your order should not have gone through. I am currently working with our web and product teams to find out why this was and rectify the problem. We have not contracted out our warehouse services, and we still ship from our own warehouse (which is right underneath our very offices). We have worked hard to provide good shipping times, and currently most – if not all – orders placed before late afternoon ship out same day. We are working hard to improve your experience, so we really do feel badly that your most recent experience was a negative one.

    We hope to be able to make it up to you in the future as we continue to improve our customer and warehouse services.

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