Where Were You 11/22/’63?

Today is the 53rd anniversary of the assassination of JFK.
I was in second grade in small-town OK.


8 thoughts on “Where Were You 11/22/’63?

  1. 4th grade, San Antonio. he had been in town either that morning or the day before. everyone at school was excited that we might see him. We were naive. We were all heartbroken at the news.

  2. 7th grade at Galena Park Jr. High.
    A couple of decades ago I came up with this: if you remember where you were, you are getting old. If you don’t remember, you are a kid, if you weren’t even born – you are a kidlet.

  3. I was about 25 months old. I don’t remember the shooting other than something bad happened and my brother who was 15 came home early from school and was dazed. I do remember watching the funeral [and continually being shushed by my mom] – this is my earliest datable memory.

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