Comments Still Damaged

I found twenty comments in the trash. I will be unable to fix it until I get home to the real internet.
After our most recent trip to Ft Worth, wife is better now with new medication, which has brought a new set of complications for her tiny body.
She was several days late in coming to the ranch due to the total rebuild of the walkin shower at home. $3400 later, maxed out both our cards, and she had to get a Lowe’s card to buy the tile. See? I cannot afford to be away from home as stuff is always breaking; pool, kitchen sink, toilet, aquarium, d/w, washing machine…
Thursday, I happened by the water heater cubby, and the carpet went”squish” as I passed by.
Replacing the heater was no big deal. The biggest problem is that I cannot get the water to shut completely off. I shut the valve off for this part of the house, and the main valve from the well house, still a steady trickle. More than six gallons overnight.
Now I have to replace the flex hoses as the old ones are too old and leak.
And now the kitchen faucet is just a trickle, which means it’s probably bad.
I know. Could be worse.
I think I need to go home for a few days.
It has been raining here since Friday, and still have flash flooding warnings into tomorrow.
Not even gonna mention having to listen to San Antonio’s wannabe classic rock station. A-G-O-N-Y
The flex hose replacement went quickly and painlessly. Seals seem to be holding, so we’re calling it a success.
I drove to Kerrville today to see my new doctor, get meds refilled, and on the way out of town, I stopped for gas. Strictly routine, but when I started my truck after filling up, I felt something wrong with the engine as it began to shake, then the “check engine” began to flash.
I drove the eighteen or so miles back to the ranch, debating on whether or not to drive drive directly to the local auto garage, and decided to drive to the ranch first…just to look for myself.
I did call the shop to see how backed up they were, and the lady asked what was wrong.
I ‘splained the situation, and after passing me to one of the mechanics, he said it had a “miss” and bring it up after lunch.
Now lemme tell you a lil’ story…
Once upon a time, about oh five years ago, this same truck had a “miss”.
Shoulda been easy, right?
First, the plugs. No help.
Next, the wires. Nope.
Then the coil. Then it didn’t run at all. Throwing my hands up with disgust, I called my shade tree mechanic, had it towed there, and he had it fixed in a couple days.
I know you’re dying to know..
A broken valve spring.
Sooo, I went out and looked at the engine after a bit, and found a couple of plug wires lying on the manifold. The “miss” has left.
Looks like a new set of plug wires are in my immediate future.
I was thinking about driving home for a few days.


6 thoughts on “Comments Still Damaged

  1. When doing any kind of home or auto repair or fix-up project, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, say “this should be easy”. You will invoke the unspeakable law. The Unspeakable Law: As soon as you mention some thing, if it is good, it will go away, if it is bad it will happen (and usually at the worst of times).

    • You are correct sir. The mechanic said he had only seen one in is life back in the sixties. I too, have seen a broken valve spring on a lawn mower engine in the early seventies.

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