106.7 The Eagle

I’ve kept my mouth shut too long. These guys would be the laughing stock of the classic rock music station club…if there was one.
They just found out that Guns N Roses are coming to San Antonio…next year…in September. They are already giving away tickets. It’s gonna be difficult for the next ten months…all those hardons bumping into each other.
You know how sometimes the station will get pre-recorded blurbs like “hi this is so and so”?
This station does it too but they don’t play music by the artists they wave flags for…specifically Elton John…not one song…ever.
Then there’s Yes. Now you and I both know that Jon Anderson and company have more albums out than Carter has pills.
How many songs by Yes does 106.7 The Eagle play on their station?
One. “Owner Of A Lonely Heart” from 90125. That’s it. One fracking song.
You guys may not be the laughing stock, but you are certainly a disgrace.
No Jethro Tull, or Badfinger.
One Deep Purple song: Smoke On The Water.
One song by The Doors: Hello I Love You.
Alice Cooper? Fagetaboutit.
Heart? Two songs from the Dreamboat Annie album, and Barracuda.
The Who? You’re not gonna believe this…not one.
These guys blow a lot of airtime patting themselves on the back, puffing out their chest about how great they are.
You know what it is? It’s Classic Rock HELL!!!!
ZZ Top? The only song they play from the ‘classic’ days is La Grange.
Nothing from De Guello or Fandango or El Loco.
Not a single song from the following:
Allman Brothers
Black Sabbath
Grateful Dead
Commander Cody
Blood,Sweat, & Tears
Iron Butterfly
Joe Walsh (except Eagles)
Moody Blues
Ten Years After
And now the clincher: The only self-proclaimed classic rock station that plays no Steppenwolf…
The horror…the horror…
The list goes on.
Tunein.com is the name of the corp that employs those poor bastards.
It’s the “dumbing down” of America.
San Antonio is turning into a big McAllen.
Look at the site and study the corporate lineup. You’ll see what I mean 😉.
Want more?
Every day at noon, these poor bastards do a Spotlight of a band or person, and they play several songs from said artists. Yesterday, they Spotlighted Roger Glover, bassist for Deep Purple. Know what they played?
‘Smoke On The Water’ because that’s the only song they have from the band.
How fucking embarrassing for Glover.
What happened? Did you guys just get the first round of “Classic Rock CDs”? And didn’t pay for round two? That’s why you play the same songs over and over and over and over and over and over many many times per day.
In Denver, The Fox fm used to have “no repeat Thursday”. I’ll bet you clowns couldn’t even have no repeat half day.
Five bucks says you poor bastids never heard of King Crimson or The Nice. Vanilla Fudge? Captain Beefheart? I guess the James Gang would also fall into your lack of knowledge about your career.

Now that’s classic rock. Makes me wanna dig out my black light.
I am not going to let this go.


8 thoughts on “106.7 The Eagle

  1. They sound pretty much like our classic rock station here in south western PA. Mostly the same songs every day. And not really good ones either. Good thing that I have pretty much everything that I like on albums, 45 rpm and cds. A lot of the vinyl has been digitized and put on my computer. Makes it nice to be able to put a bunch of tunes on a memory stick and play whatever I’m in the mood for. BTW good tunes that you have below. That’s my favorite Three Dog Night Song and my favorite one by Tears for Fears…………….

    • The classic rock station in McAllen shut down recently and went contemporary. It was really too bad as they had some good jocks and played a lot of the really classic stuff.
      Too classic for the local cantina crowd.

      • Whoa, dude! I see you added King Crimson up top. My older cousin Jane turned me on to that when I was 15. I still have my original vinyl that I bought in 1970. I also wore out an 8-track of it back in the day. I still have my CTA album, too. Time to go through the collection again. I suddenly have the urge to hear “Fresh Garbage” and “Nature’s Way” by Spirit………………

  2. One of the FEW things I’ll miss after we move out of Kommiefornia will be the FM radio stations. There’s FOUR that I listen to on a regular basis, and two more that I’m warming up to.

    Fort Collins has ONE decent “Classic Rock” station, The Bear, up at the top of the dial.

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