Some One Hit Wonder Classic Rockers…Anybody At San Antonio’s Classic Laughing Stock Rock Station Listening?

One of their jocks, kitty, or kaedee at she spells it or something similarly snowflakey a few weeks ago said, on the air that The Outfield was a one hit wonder band and their only hit was

Well Katy,I am here to dispute your claim. Here is another hit by The Outfield, and if you never heard it than I urge you to resign your ‘no qualifications needed’ position at 106.7 FM The Eagle…now. G’wan and take your smoke break.
You people are brainwashing the millennials into thinking that the classic rock era began in the eighties.

From 1978
Most of you probably never heard this one

From the movie Billy Jack

If you can remember this one, you and I need to talk..

Arlo Guthrie’s other hit was Alice’s Restaurant from the sixties


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