Classic Rock Beginnings…Pay Attention, San Antonio’s The Eagle and Learn Something

My whole point is that all these sixties rockers had small beginnings, and went on to become famous performers, artists, songwriters, and musicians.
The Laughing Stock Classic Rock Station 106.7 doesn’t play any of the following:

Which gave us

who could forget Chicago’s version?

So much energy
Steve Winwood got his start with Traffic, The Spencer Davis Group, Blind Faith, and his subsequent fame is well known.
Then there’s Ted Nugent…

Jimmy Page started here

The beginning of CSN

To bring us this:

Bring in Randy Bachman

To bring us this:

To be fair, 106.7 the Lame Eagle does play a BTO song…A song…but not this one.
Another Chicago tune. Terry Kath was the driving force behind this band. His untimely death a few years after this began the demise of this band.

Faces begat Rod Stewart, or was it the other way ’round?

These classic rock wannabees do play some Led Zeppelin, so technically, they do play Page…technically. I can count the Zep tunes they play on one hand. Shame.


3 thoughts on “Classic Rock Beginnings…Pay Attention, San Antonio’s The Eagle and Learn Something

  1. “John Barleycorn”. Great tune. “Do What You Like”. Wore out my 8-track tape listening to that one. Yardbirds. One of my all time favorite groups along with Kinks and Animals. Chicago’s “I’m A Man”. Cruising down a long, dark stretch of road in my buddy’s ’65 Galaxy 500 convertible with the top down. That song comes on the radio and he starts flashing the headlights to the back beat. Coolest thing ever……………………………………….

    • Only a quart of Granny’s Blackberry between four of us. The chemicals didn’t come until about a year later. Good times……..

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