A Little Classic Rock Trivia

REO Speedwagon attained fame and certainly fortune in the later seventies when they went for the pop rock top forty status. I will not argue with success.
In my opinion, the band went downhill after their lead singer Terry Luttrell left after their first album entitled simply “REO Speedwagon”. This is one of my favorite albums of all time, and sadly the public will never hear it broadcast over the air; especially not at San Antonio’s Lame ASS Classic Rock station, 106.7.
Terry Luttrell went on to record with Starcastle, another band that had only two albums before their demise. His vocals are unmistakeable. He now found Jesus, and works a motorcycle shop in Indiana, I believe.
The first album was only available on vinyl until the past few years. I had three of them.
I give you Terry Luttrell with REO Speedwagon and Starcastle. Don’t be afraid to use your headphones and turn that control clockwise.

Check out the Gary Richrath’s lead solo and the percussion.


5 thoughts on “A Little Classic Rock Trivia

  1. I was never a big fan of REO Speedwagon. The only song that I really liked was “Ridin’ The Storm Out”, but that early stuff is really good. I just may have to go out and buy the albums…….

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