What Can I Say? It’s Alan Parsons

Back in the nineties, I had an opportunity to see The Alan Parsons Project in a small theater in downtown Denver. I still kick myself for passing it up.
San Antonio’s The Eagle 106.7 does not play any Alan Parsons, and they call themselves a classic rock station. Sheesh.

The Alan Parsons Project is where John Miles got his start… See if you remember any of these

This will be my last post raking San Antonio’s only Classic Rock station over the coals for falling short of their goal.
The station, its owners, and other stations under the control of said owners are rich liberals attempting to rewrite history, and mask the truth. Why? I do not know. But then, who the hell can understand the liberal’s thinking anyway?
All the videos on this page take a very long time to load, especially with a smart phone, and my return to the ranch is inevitable. I will curtail the video uploads sose I can still access my blog out in the boonies.
There are more important things going on that require finger pointing.
I am unable to copy and load youtube videos from my smart phone as the internet is too slow.


One thought on “What Can I Say? It’s Alan Parsons

  1. Cool. I have “I Wouldn’t Want To Be Like You” on my memory stick in the SUV. Great tune. It’s the way I felt about most of the younger people at work. Different generation, no work ethic, me, me, me………………………….

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