Plumbing repairs are all holding…good.
Had to do some last minute checking on exposed water lines, as we are expecting snow tomorrow with temps likely to keep me indoors a couple days.
I rebuilt the carb on my chipper today as well. Still won’t start. Will run briefly if I prime it. Probably needs a valve job. Must get more tools.
Checked the air filter on my riding mower; remember the one I replaced the engine in June? That sombitch collapsed. I ordered three today, and commandeered the keys. That’s my project for next week.
I found a whole case of Castrol 10W-40 oil in the shed. What can I do with that?
Special congrats to Dr jim soon to be Grampa jim!


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  1. 10W-40 will work well in a Briggs & Stratton or any other 4-stroke small engine that was manufactured in the last century. I have oil for my motorcycle and lawnmower but everything else gets 5W-20 Mobile1.

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