About My Extended Stay in Ft Worth…

Even though all the test results will not be in for as many as two weeks, the pulmonary specialist said “shame on the information about ILD on the web.”
He indicated that her cat scan showed ‘inflammation’ instead of ‘infection’ which is night and day for the prognosis.
They did the biopsy and it was done through the nasal passages down the bronchial tubes. I did not know they could do that. It was an outpatient procedure done yesterday, and she slept most of the rest of the day after we got back to the in-laws around 1:30…actually, we both slept the rest of the afternoon.
The pathology lab results will be back Monday, at which time the pulmonary doc will let the rhumatologist know, and she will then decide on treatment for her RA, which is the cause of all this.
We will likely be heading south on Wednesday to the ranch.
This is great news for us, as things looked pretty dismal last week as you well know.
In my appreciation to my sister in law for letting us stay with them, I have been cooking breakfasts and dinners; breakfast tacos, pot roast, braised sirloin with noodles, enchiladas with Spanish rice and refries, and tonight is lasagne. Maybe tomorrow will be chicken parmigiana with fettuccine Alfredo. after that, need to restock.
My brother in law is a movie fanatic. He has a 10ft HD projection TV with a full blown sound system. He downloads movies off the web, and has no less than 4TB of movies stored. We went to see “A Dog’s Purpose” at the theater earlier this week. Those of you dog lovers out there will really appreciate it.
We bought a GPS of the Garmin variety for travel around the big metro. It has made a huge difference for a couple of small town country bumpkins.
We are obviously relieved that her prognosis is not death in two years, as previously believed.
Again, thanks to you readers for your prayers and thoughts.


9 thoughts on “About My Extended Stay in Ft Worth…

  1. That is awesome news ! It appears your wife may have dodged a bullet. Your family may try and Shangai you into staying a bit longer with providing a menu like that ! Better watch out he doesn’t let the air out of your tires. :^)

    Have a great weekend.

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