Upcoming Tasks

Monday, amongst my list of to do things is to call the pool people. I swear, the last time I came home, I had to do same except this time the pool is worse than my aquarium was before I drained and tanked it.
Somewhere in there, I am planning a trip to Sam’s.
Feed the yard with my special concoction of food, and water it in. We have recently had the water restrictions lifted so I can get that done before the yard guy comes Wednesday, by which time I hope to be back at the ranch.
My wife is making it very clear that she wants nothing to do with watering the front yard herself. Down here, now is the time to get the yard growing strong so it will survive the hot days of the upcoming summer. It has already been into the nineties recently (WTF? It’s still winter!)
She dropped a grand on having the back yard landscaped, but refuses to water or weed it as well. Now we are discussing yet another yard guy to maintain the back yard.
Oh, she is applying at a local school district close to the ranch which would enable her live at the ranch. We could then sell our house down south, and breathe easier living away from the Mexican border.
With that said, we would need to keep our house on the border well maintained, hoping to get top dollar for it.
I’ll have to call my ranch neighbor to water the blueberry bushes until I return.
We are still waiting for my wife’s meds to show up. No indication of when that will be. Unfortunately, the Prednisone that relieves her somewhat of her r/a, also has a long list of side effects.