Back To The Ranch

Friday, I am back to the ranch. My wife took today off as she was very tired. She slept most of the day, and admitted to feeling better this evening. We are still waiting for her meds to arrive…what’s it been now…since Feb 12th?
She has scheduled a colonoscopy for next Friday. Her r/a doc says she must get this done, in addition to a mammogram, as the Enbril has many side effects, and does not want the use of Enbril to be blamed on any other “health problems” in the future.
I shall return next week to be with her during her procedure.
The pool guy showed up, and used up all the rest of the pool shock I had; several pounds. The algae is pretty much gone, but pool is still cloudy. I backflushed the filter today, and emptied the skimmers twice. The pressure in the filter dropped considerably, but inched its way up as the day progressed. I now believe the DE filter has a leak, as the pool now is covered with brown dust. Seen it before. The pool guy suspected it as well earlier today.
I picked up some soaker hoses; three to be exact hoping to be able to tie them together and water the entire perimeter of the back yard. Upon further investigation, the instructions say not to tie more than 150 feet together. What a bunch of horseshit. Remember the old soaker hoses? the green rubber ones? Those actually worked without an engineering degree.
The front yard looks great. I used my home made concoction of yard food, and it green up nicely with all the watering I did this week.
I changed the oil in my truck as well. The spec says to use 5w20 in it, but after a long trip driving 75 MPH, after I hit a stop sign, the oil pressure needle bounces all over. At one time it bounced so hard that it caught itself under the stop peg. I figured the oil is too thin for the hot weather here in Texas so I went to straight 30W. It’s hard to find; harder than it was 10 years ago. I also found out that my favorite oil filter, Fram, was under some scrutiny. In any case, the auto parts store had no Frams. No Purolators either. I still put in a qt of Marvel in my crankcase too. I was thinking it might be time for another change using Slick 50.
Upon my return, I have several plants to plant. I hope they’re not dead.
Planting time is getting close.
I am bringing my used aquarium lights that use T5 HO lighting system. I bought some 6500K lights for them to start the seedling for tomato and peppers. I have a starter tray that will hold 55 starter plants.
I also have a doctor appt Monday as routine check.
I will be taking an old amplifier with my Ensemble II speaker set that are now pushing 30 years old…the speakers anyway. One of the original satellite speaker systems. Kind of beat up using two small speakers and a subwoofer. Crossovers are built into all speakers so it doesn’t matter if I hook the satellites first, or the sub to the amp. The sub is not powered.
After the yard guys departure, I have 3 bags of oak leaves…nice mulch/compost which will also go back with me.
T’will be a full load. I am taking the extension ladder too so I can replace the clear plastic in the greenhouse. It’s a two person job. The shade cloth will come off first, as it covers the clear plastic which is the real water protection. The greenhouse has water, power, and a kerosene heater. Nice.
Sam’s sells premium unleaded for $2.19 per gallon. I’ve been paying $2.25 for mid grade elsewhere during my travels. WTF?
So, lots to do where ever I am.
I had another article started about my true feelings of liberals…it lies in wait.


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  1. Long time no hear…good to see ya back in the loop. Nutten much happening in the “greatest place” in der world. Same old Same old.
    I don’t know what meds your spousal unit is on; but go to the manufacturers web site; they may have a coupon that you can access and have your co-pay reduced.
    Some of those coupons are dependent on whether you have commercial insurance vs medicaid/care/SSI or obimbal care.

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