D Dina, voted for Swillary

Boo hoo D Dina. The fact that your username is a Facebush account tells me volumes about your liberal ass.
You voted for Swillary
You don’t have (or know) a real man
You’re at least bi and probably gay because you’re uglier than a mud fence.
You wouldn’t know a real man unless he came up and clocked you
You want to improve yourself? Get rid of FB. Lose your narcissistic attitude. Remove your chair next to your mailbox, where you sit and wait for your SNAP card.
When your SNAP cards stop coming, I’ll be tending the gardens harvesting veggies, and shooting deer for their
Remember ( if ya can), you found me.
You’d be surprised the people that care, and the friends I have via this blog.
See you in hell, cold bitch.