Internet In The Country

A cousin of mine from North Dakota that I had not seen in 42 years, dropped by for a visit last week, and they had with them a Verizon jet pack, which is a internet hot spot.
It was like the second coolest thing I ever saw. About the size of half a cell phone, my laptop connected and the download speed was decent. Not close to cable, but certainly better than what I had, which was my phone and three bars being a good day.
I didn’t press them on the cost, but they did say they were already Verizon customers and it cost them $15 a month.
After they left, I got on to Ebay and ordered one of them for $170. Verizon sells them for $200.
I really thought I was getting a deal until a little research turned up some bad news.
A $30-$40 activation fee was involved.
No such thing as an unlimited use no data cap plan, except for the $169.95/ month plan.

Well,  I cancelled the order, and they seller was pretty good about it.

A little more research, and there are others out there, and most of them are in the same price range with their own ridiculous priced plans.

I checked into my Cricket hot spot availability, and voila for $20 more a month, my phone is now a hot spot…here I am writing on the blog.

Life is good today.


4 thoughts on “Internet In The Country

  1. I’ve got several of the “phone company” WiFi hot spots I use when I’m traveling. The first one was a USB stick (not WiFi, but it worked OK), and the other two are WiFi. They’re all through Virgin Wireless, as it’s a “pay as you go” deal. If I’m going to be someplace that doesn’t have free WiFi, or if their network really sucks (slow speeds, massive lag, etc) then I’ll use one.

    Good to hear you found a reasonably priced solution to your lack of “good” Internet access.

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    • That woulda been the “Big Bambu” album with the “quarter pounder” paper. Funny you should say. I have been looking into some “extracurricular” crops this year.

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