Daily Banter for 4/6

I’ve been trying to repair the drip irrigation fittings on the gardens, and have been having trouble finding a part. It seems my system is a “hybrid” using regular plumbing fittings, adapted to an odd type of irrigation system.

I thought I had it yesterday, but the end nipple was a bit small for the irrigation tubing, causing yet another leak when tightened with a circle clamp.

Back to the Home Depot. The Rainbird adaptor was close, but there was another a bit larger. Unfortunately, it also had a larger PVC screw in fitting that was larger than my 1/2″.

If that doesn’t work, then we’ll try at Lowe’s.

There is a little town up the road a ways that Pop and I purchased some elbows and T’s at a hole in the wall feed and seed. I may have to make the extra 30 mile trip if I cannot find them here.


I found the part at Home Depot. It ain’t much, but it’s just what I needed. Now, have work to do.


Looks like I gotta make a little drive up into the hill country for some more unique parts. No problemo. Perhaps I’ll swing by one of the wineries and pick up some hootch tomorrow.

I got all the raised gardens uncovered now discovering the needed parts. Ready to plant in a couple days…just need a plan.

Corn field is next.