More Mindless Banter

As promised, I took a drive 40 miles up state to get some irrigation T’s that I ran short of. I don’t know why, there was plenty when I put them up two years ago. At least I found a place that still carries them.

No, I did not stop in wine country.

Upon my return to the ranch, my neighbor across the street caught me checking the mail, and I pulled his too, since our mailboxes are side by side. We chatted across the fence for a while when another neighbor pulled up. Mike, a Hispanic fellow, was a friend of my Pop’s. He had been working my Pop to buy the other five acres of my property. It is undeveloped, and now he’s started to bug me about it.

I don’t think so. That’s the only direction that I do not have a neighbor within slingshot distance.

No doubt, he would plop a mobile home down on it, and begin blasting cantina music. Huh uh. No thanks.

I got all the raised garden drip irrigation working.

Now to plan what I will plant there.

The corn field is next. I have put if off long enough.


4 thoughts on “More Mindless Banter

      • Oh, yeah!

        And it will either help get you, or keep you, “in shape”.

        Of course it could also break you back, give you heat stroke, or cause any one of a large assortment of other maladies to clobber you.

        Be careful out there, especially when the sun gets to blasting down on you….

        We’re getting geared up for The Great Colorado Move. I’m getting started dumping stuff either on eBay, craigslist, or the recycle bin.

        Some of my buddies are going to be quite surprised and pleased when I “bequeath” them some radio gear….

      • Yeah, it’s work all right, and I am not in the same shape I was in two years ago.
        Your move to Colorado will be quite an adventure. Enjoy it.
        I’ll be in Denver next month for my youngest’s graduation. Maybe I’ll catch up with you another time.

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