On The Road Again

X is on the road this weekend. Another 600 mile round trip south and back.

The step daughter is finally graduating college. I guess I should celebrate. I don’t know why, she still occupies a room in my home. She has got it so filthy dirty that even she won’t sleep there any more.

7 years of going to college, over.

The attorney general of the state of Texas is suing her for not paying her student loans. Now she has filed bankruptcy to try to wipe off some of those student loans.

Dunno, I heard filing bankruptcy won’t clear those debts. I also heard that folks who had defaulted on student loans did not get tax refunds. Wrong. She gets them still. I ain’t never seen a dime of that money either.

She thinks she’s gonna get a job at the zoo with her new degree in biology. It’s ironic that she won’t feed and litter her cat in her room, but talks of nothing but taking care of animals. It’s ironic that she works at a coffee shot at Barnes & Noble, and keeps the place spic and span, but her room reeks of cat shit piled upon layers of dirty clothes.

Time to go kiddo. You never listened to me, and now you’re screwing an ex gang banger…

I like being at the ranch.

Next week, it’s Denver here I come.


3 thoughts on “On The Road Again

  1. Well, congrats, I guess.

    Be safe in your travels! We’re heading out to Fort Collins next week to see the new grandbaby, who finally came home.

    And we’re doing some serious house-hunting while we’re there!

    Be safe in your travels….

    • I will just miss you. I arrive Thursday afternoon, then out to dinner with my boys. Friday graduation, then the boys want to take me to the new Alien: Covenant movie. Back to TX on Saturday.
      Glad to hear that little Noah is doing well!

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