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Back home again last night. I am certain that I have never regretted moving to the country after driving in the Denver metro area for a couple days. Holy shit. Makes driving in San Antonio like a playpen.

I was greeted upon arrival with 4 inches of falling, wet snow. Yes folks, snow in May…ya hear that Jim? They closed the Wyoming border because of the storm.

Since the weather the few days prior was in the 70s and 80s, the ground was warm so the snow melted quickly making….yep, flooding.

My secret short cut from airport to the hotel is out…bumper to bumper.  Damn! Get off Pena blvd and take Tower Rd to 96th ave, then I-76 to Sheridan…Still better than I-70.

The boys looked good. I got to spend a lot of time with them. I did speak to the graduate about his pending indentured servitude in the USAF. Once I started interrogating him, then his mother, things became clearer.

Apparently, with this particular condition, the main concern of the Air Force is the curvature of the spine, and even though he has a little, it is well within the parameters set by the military.

He will get his BMT at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, which is about an hour away from me. When he graduates, I’ll be able to attend his ceremony before he gets shipped off to tech school.

I just hope they don’t train him to death. He signed on for six years.

I have another raccoon as well. Must be a family. I saw the critter about ten one evening while watching my Stargate SG-1 marathon standing on the feed platform leaning over grabbing the bird feeder. He was not intimidated by my presence in the kitchen so I took the opportunity to go to the back bedroom and grab the mighty Maverick. First up was a OO but I missed, sure scared the crap out of  him though…for a while. He came back and I grabbed the  Beretta; missed again. He saw me open the door and was down the platform before I could aim. I still took a shot with the .22. If I did hit him, he ain’t happy.

Back to the Have A Heart Trap I reckon.

Saw Axis deer today chasing the whitetails. That’s new.

The deer are starving. I seen one on hind legs eating leaves off a peach tree yesterday.

Should see fawns beginning any day now. Too bad. If the drought keeps up, they won’t survive.


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  1. Good deal on his loop hole for the military. Congratulations again on his graduation.

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