Did London Have It Coming?

Of course not.

But then again…

England did let them in. London has a raghead mayor. Stinking liberals got their way. Do ya think the liberals in London are starting to think they made a mistake to support all the hadjiis?

The stinking liberals are getting their way in the US too, thanks to that rat fuck bastard Obamski.

I read where he and  his bitches just purchased an 8 million dollar home round the corner from Ivanka Trump. I wonder if they paid cash, if it was a gift, or if they got a mortgage that they will soon duck out of, then claim racism when they get their black assess called on foreclosure. Betcha no one asks to see obamski’s tax return.

The Manchester murders a couple weeks ago, were just a warmup to what happened yesterday.

I found this excerpt at the Woodpile Report. It is from Francis Porretto.

Every Muslim currently residing in a Western nation must be expelled. No further immigration from majority-Muslim nations can be permitted. Every vestige of Islam that remains behind must be eliminated: All mosques must be destroyed; All embassies from Islam-dominated nations must be delegitimized; No further “diplomatic” intercourse between the West and Islam can be permitted.

Fuckin’ A!

My pal Phil, has a good point as well.

From the Xtionary:

Radical Islam Terrorist, raghead, camel jockey, goat fucker,  sand nigger, Hadji = coward.

Betcha obamski don’t have ragheads in his new ‘hood.

Beware Great Britain…when they outlaw knives, you will have to defend yourselves with knorks.

Close the borders. Pull every US soldier out of a raghead infested country, including Great Britain, France, Germany, and let them kill themselves off. They let them in, allow them to suffer full consequences. I’d make an exception and include kathy griffin to be deported as well…and ashley judd, and swillary, and  al gore, and rosie o’donnell, obamski and bitches,…the list is long.

We have everything we need right here.

Let ’em keep their oil and choke on it.

No need to stick our noses in other folks’ business.

If we keep the ragheads out, they’ll be easy to spot.