106.7 FM San Antonio

Yeah, I have made this self proclaimed Classic Rock radio station my pet peeve project.

I was listening yesterday…I really have no choice. There are no radio stations that meet my criteria, and this one comes closest. Central  Texas? Tons of country and western stations, and I never got into it. There is classic country, owned by the same station that plays boggus classic rock, but they too make up their own rules with Randy Travis played every hour.

Friday, I was listening and the jock announced that from now on, Fridays were “big hair” Fridays. I could not believe it as most of the music they play is Twisted Sister, Motley Crue, Poison, and the other big hair bands. I failed to see the distinction.

I must admit however, that these clowns really stepped up to the plate for Memorial Day weekend. They pulled stuff out of their butt that they had never played before, and have not played since. What the effin’ F?

I sent a  general email to any station clown who would read it, and hurt someone’s widdoe feelings, as they are not receptive to criticism or sarcasm.

One of my readers commented on an earlier post on subject same, that a local station where he lives plays Journey every hour….must be the same corp that owns both.


2 thoughts on “106.7 FM San Antonio

  1. Okay, I’m pretty much done with your thumb drive. Close to 400 songs on it so far. I don’t have any Rolling Stones, Doors or Black Sabbath on it. Wasn’t sure if you wanted those, but I have them if you do. And Def Leppard, Scorpions, tons of ’80s tunes. Oh, yeah, Pink Floyd, too. A lot of obscure R&R from the ’50s. Garage bands of the ’60s. Your wish is my command…………

    I sent you an email from my most used address with 106.7 FM San Antonio – taminator013 as the title. You can reply there with any specific requests for tunes or bands that you want added. I think that the thumb drive is 8 GB. There’s room for about a million more songs on it…………

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