Today’s Goal

I decided to turn on water to the corn this morning, and found a stalk with corn fungus

I’m a bad procrastinator. Even worse, I don’t feel guilty when I put shit off.

One of my projects is building a compost barrel.

I saw a design on U tube, and I thought “hey! Even I could build that!”

Murphy’s 17th Law: Anything you try to do yourself will cost more and take longer than you thought…

‘Nuff said.

I found a 55 gallon water barrel on Ebay for $67 dollars: delivered. Hell that’s  good deal even if I used it for water.

Water Barrel 55 Gallon Storage Container Drum Emergency Essential Drinking Thick

So, now what. I have a vision. An X made of 2×4 for the frame. Drill a hole in barrel center, use a huge wooden dowel and suspend drum with dowel on X.

How long to make the legs, X. dunno, I’ll just eyeball it, since I am such a great carpenter. (first sign of overconfidence…bad. it’s too early to be so cocky)

OK, cut 4 2×4, then make 2 Xs with a lag bolt to hold them together…OK X, since you put the lag right in the center, there is not enough room to put two since the Xs now will pivot. OK, used the pneumatic impact wrench and tighten that sucker up until it pulls the washer into the wood. (how quickly X forgot that the impact wrench can snap the heads off the 5/16″ bolt heads easily. luckily for him, they did not snap off this time).

Next, find center of barrel; twice. Used a 2″ hole saw, and drilled hole. Dowel is 1 7/16″, and fits perfectly inside a 2″ PVC.

After some dancing, X manages to load barrel onto X supports. Yes, it’s rickety but gives him opportunity to attach braces on sides…what to do…use more 5/16″ lag bolts or 3″ deck screws? decisions, decisions.

Here is a picture of how far I got today before heading inside.


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