Back to Normal?

I took my truck to the shop today, after going early yesterday to make an appointment. All I could say was an oil leak. There is still 600  miles left on this oil change, so the leaks were clean oil.

87,000 miles, I figured maybe a main seal or timing cover gasket, after all it is a 2002.

So, after getting up early (again), parking in front of the shop with closed doors, standing with other folks getting there early, rushing in when the doors opened, getting a place in line, then the wait.

Fortunately, the only other person waiting was a guy who actually had a head on his shoulders and we talked cars and bikes for the duration.

Final damages: $17 and change. Problem? Loose oil filter.

Damn! I did that too. The last time I changed it, I could hardly get the dingdang filter off. You know what they say

tighten one quarter turn after gasket makes contact

Never seemed enough.

Still, a sigh of relief. Oil leaks can lead to seriously expensive repairs.

The wife is due in today. As of this moment, she has not called to announce her departure. It is now 10:10 am so that puts her here at 4:10 if she leaves right now.

Hopefully, her cataract surgery will allow her to see the road signs now, and she will not end up in Junction (60 miles west of here…the wrong way).

The yard guy is due here today. He was due Tuesday too, but I guess he figured that he got the 4th off. Surprise for him, he will not get a paid holiday.

My only friend in the neighborhood across the street, has put his house up for sale.

He has two separate living quarters. The main house is a 2/2 with a huge covered deck complete with sink, fridge, stove/grill, ceiling fans, screens, nice.

The cobblestoned patio connects the two homes. The other is a large 1/1. There is enclosed workshop, and shed for lawn equipment, and 2 car carport on 5 1/3 acres. $385,000.

There is also a huge pole barn that houses his giant motor home, pontoon boat with workshop there as well.

They were overjoyed when they found out my wife and I had bought my dad’s place.

We will hold our breath to see who or what gets into his place. I guess I could just burn tires or fly a islam flag to scare off potential buyers.

It’s funny. My home, and my neighbor’s are the only ones in the hood that are exactly across the street from each other. Neither of us can come or go without the other seeing.

One cannot simply go to my neighbor’s and ‘visit’ as his gate is electronic and only opened by remote. UPS, the water delivery guys, FEDEX, and everyone has to wait at the gate, honk their horn, maybe call if they have a number to get in.

Me on the other hand, my drive is wide open. Anyone can come down the drive, or in the exit, as the entire front of the property on the road is not fenced.

I will have to change this situation if my new neighbors turn out to be undesirables.


2 thoughts on “Back to Normal?

  1. Its bad when good neighbors leave. My old next door neighbor was an awesome guy who loved being outside and often helped me work on my Suburban. A mechanical whiz and had the same vehicle only one year apart – so he knew exactly what the procedures are. But they had to move and he later passed away when cutting a neighbor’s yard who had no way to cut their own. True to the end, a good guy. God likely has him as guardian angel – he was good like that.

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