Joke Of The Day

A man was eating dinner alone in a fancy restaraunt, when he noticed a good looking redhead at the next table, also eating alone.

The man is shy, but finally gets the nerve to talk to her, and he stands up to step over and introduce  himself. When he does, the redhead sneezed a category 5 hurricane, and out pops her glass eye.

The man by reflex, catches the glass eye, and hands it back to her. She quickly pops it back into her socket.

The introduced themselves, and she invited him to sit down, where they finished dinner, and had a wonderful time.

They went dancing late into the evening, and she invited him inside her home for a nightcap.

She fixed a dynamite breakfast the next morning, and the man asked her “do you treat every guy you meet as good as this?”

“Oh no” she said “you just happened to catch my eye!”


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