Yeah, you read right. Boycott the NFL. There ain’t nothing that will change those protesting players quicker than a lost paycheck.

Yeah Brahma, it’s a good thing you’re there to support your pal…guess what? he’s not your friend.

Dumb mutherfuckers. You ever seen any geniuses play for the NFL? Hell no. Why? ‘Cause smart folks don’t play for the NFL. Coach maybe.

The least paid guy on the Dallas Cowboys makes $115,000 and change. That’s per year. The top guy makes $17,000,000 and change. That’s just on the Cowboys. If you’re interested, here is the salary site.

The NFL is not satisfied to just assfuck the public with outrageous ticket prices at the stadium. 28 teams wasn’t enough, so they expand; again and again and again. Why? More teams, more money for the NFL.

Any idea what advertising costs during an NFL game? Hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions per 30 second spot. I don’t know how getting Joe’s Locksmith service on there during a game works, but it does happen.

My point is this; the NFL is a money mongering machine. Players get much exposure on a national level; especially if they have a big mouth: “Big time players make the big time plays”. Idiot. Is that your life long fucking goal? ‘Nuther dumb mutherfucker. Stick those morons in front of a camera, and their true intelligence sticks out…Let’s face it; one does not have to be a genius to play in the NFL.

Ever try to buy an NFL poster of your kid’s favorite player? What do you think? 10-15 bucks? In  your dreams cowboy. $75 minimum. Most of that goes to the NFL…not the player.

Been to a game recently? Know what a beer and dog cost? Unbelievable. You think the vendor makes profit on that? Hell no. They gotta pay the NFL for the privilege of doing business in their stadium.

A serious drop in ad revenue would follow a boycott even from TV watchers. Enough times, and something would have to change.

I would bet that the NFL is just cringing after losing revenues because of Mother Nature the past few weeks, and they can say nothing. Don’t be fooled by their “NFL Charities”. The NFL is trying to pay for a huge stadium in Kommiefornia. Who do you  think pays for it? The fans.

The NFL has yet to chastise their players for not standing for the national anthem. How many veterans continue to watch the NFL despite this flagrant lack of respect?

NFL wrote the book on poor sportsmanship. Fuck them.

Find something else to do on Sunday afternoon. Stop buying your bumper stickers, jerseys, gimme caps, players you put in the rear window that their heads bobbing up and down, anything with NFL logo or official  team logos. Socks, boxers, sweat pants, bandanas (Jemima hats), keychains, you get the picture.

You’re paying for all the new stadiums being built. Screw ’em.

Go get yourself a Ruger AR556 from Buds Gun Shop for $470, and go shooting on Sunday.

Nice huh? Shoots .223 Remington or .556 NATO

Git yourself 400 rounds of ammo for $128…

Now that sounds like more fun to do on a Sunday afternoon.

Maybe the public is starting to get it…

10 thoughts on “BOYCOTT The NFL

  1. Another case of people saying “fuck you” to the very people who buy their product; a product no one actually needs. …Kinda like Hollywood…

  2. I started my boycott in late November 2006. I had scored front row tickets in the end-zone here in Atlanta and I got to see Vick lose the 4th game in a row. There were some cat calls from the stands but he was the QB and as he left the stadium on the loss he gave a double one-figered salute and yelled “F*** You Atlanta”.

    And they kept that POS on the roster.

    I am through with pro football. It can die for all that I care. Too many self righteous instant millionaires.

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