I installed the cross braces on the compost bin. Made it much sturdier; mostly, mostly. I spray painted it black. I need to bolt in some cross pieces to keep the compost from caking on the inside.

I got the yard guy to cut some branches off the mesquite tree that is growing into my cow shed. I plan to use a couple of tow straps tied to the tree and pull it down with  my Ranger. It may not be enough truck, will soon see. The yard guy drives an F250 4×2.

That is fairly heavy gage corrugated sheet metal.

I went into town and was gonna fill 4 gas cans and my truck. Did I say that I had not bought gas since before Harvey? I paid $2.49 for mid-grade then. It was $2.79 today. Something went awry with the pump as I was filling the gas cans; it went into “slow dispense” mode and trickled out henceforth. I put the nozzle in the truck tank, and drizzled gas in while I tied down the gas cans.

I drove into the Ktown and filled the tank there; gas was $2.75. Damn!

Someone hit a deer (fawn) and it ended up in my neighbor’s ditch across the street. I probably wouldn’t have noticed the deer itself, it was the 10 turkey vultures going after it that caught my eye. I called him to be sure he knew about it, so he could move it before it got too smelly. I let him tow it down the street and dump it across my fence into the pasture where lies a dead oak tree. I now shall refer to it as the ‘buzzard tree’.

Late last night, I was rinsing some dishes, and noticed the the water pressure had dropped to a trickle. Damn!

My first thought was a busted pipe out at the birdbath, and waited until morning to check that. Nope. I went to the well house to listen. No activity there. When the water softener kicks on, it will lower the water pressure…could not detect any activity. I did add some salt yesterday afternoon.

I walked around the property where I knew some water lines were, still thinking that somewhere was a busted line wide open…nope.

It did this before, and it went away like FM. Not as yet this time. Gotta look harder at the well house. The well house is a known hangout for scorpions, spiders, and rats.

So, today will be a work day. The sooner I get to it, the sooner I am done.

The doctor called and rescheduled my appt. (again) to next Friday. They are waiting for internet and phones. ATT sent their lonely technician that handles this area to Houston to help out in restoration after Harvey.


I finished the compost bin this afternoon by adding some angle metal pieces with holes sporadically inside the drum.

I also took a long look in the well house. I suspect there is something wrong with the water softener or its plumbing. I actually found an owner’s manual for the softener. It points to a clog in the input water line; iron build up, or something clogged…did I mention I found a dead rat in the salt pellet tank a month or so ago? The water line reads under 20 psi, and the storage tank reads the same. I don’t know what that means, but there ya go. I sure hate to take it up the backside and call a plumber, but on the other hand, I would hate to damage the system by disconnecting the wrong thing and having water spray all over everything, including some electrical boxes close by, and have the pump come on and continue the horror.

I was too bushed to do anything else after finishing the compost bin. You must understand, my feet cannot take 290+ pounds on them for long periods of time.


It’s a miracle…the water pressure came back. I still think something may be wrong with the water softener timer, yet I know not the first thing to troubleshoot it. I looked at the parts manual…not much to it. Some interlaced gears that open and close two water valves; in and out.

I wrapped my new tow chain around the Y in the mesquite tree, tied a chain knot, and looped my new tow strap to the chain, and the other end to my Ranger.


What will happen next? Will the mesquite tree fall on X’s beloved Ranger? Will X find himself under the wreckage of the cow shed if all goes wrong? Will the mesquite tree not allow itself to be pulled down by a piddly Ranger? Will X leave his Ranger in drive and run over himself? Will the Ranger be enough truck to pull over the mesquite tree?

These questions and more will be answered next week, same place different time.


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