On The Border Tortilla Chips

On The Border Chips…my favorite for making nachos. This 1 pound bag is 10 ounces of crumbs!

There is not one piece in this bag big enough to make a nacho.

10 ounces out of 16…crumbs and pieces…

Shame on On The Border for piss poor packaging, shame on your distributors for throwing cases out the back of their trucks and rough handling.

Too bad, they were my favorites. This is not the first time I have ended up with mostly crumbs. A one pounder is too much you damn idiots.

Yeah, I can make my own, and will do so.

In a cast iron skillet, heat your peanut oil to 350°. Put your corn tortillas in one at a time. Now this is the tricky part. When they make them, they are layered so if’n you don’t watch it, it might bubble up on you, making it worthless.

I keep a potato masher closeby in case it bubbles, and hold it to the bottom of the pan until the bubbles stop.

I put the tortilla in the hot oil, let it cook for 1 minute. Then turn it over. This is when it can separate.

Fry until no more bubbles emit from the tortilla.

Remove, and sprinkle with salt and paprika while still hot. Place in bowl lined with paper towels. Several of these fit nicely into a gallon ziptop bag.

Now you have a tostada. Smear refried beans on it, then sliced jalepenos (4 or 5), then cover with grated cheese (I use longhorn cheddar). I use a toaster oven on the toast setting, and heat until cheese melts, then remove. If you’re game, put chopped tomatoes and lettuce on top.

If you have homemade queso dip, then you can cut the chips like a pie; about six wedges per tortilla. You can also cut them into strips and fry them. Yes, you will have to turn the as well.

I put the finished ones in a 9×13 pan lined with paper towels, then sprinkle on the salt and paprika.

If you like nachos/tostadas supreme, brown some ground beef and onion in taco seasoning and sprinkle on the refries before jalepenos and cheese. Don’t get carried away as the beef can add lots of weight and cause the collapse of your tostada.

It’s a lot of work, but you won’t be disappointed.

Let us take a moment and cast our eyes to the Colorado/Wyoming border where our blog buddy Dr. Jim is relocating with his wife, and he is getting a taste of being cut off of the internet except what he may or may not get on his phone. It’s a life changing thing, moving to another state.

I remember when I moved to Colorado in ’94. I had a vision of a very long rickety bridge that went up to the mile high City. Flatlander.

I expected to see snow every day in the winter and shovel until my back ached.

Not so. It does snow a lot, but the sun comes out, it’s gone very quickly…the snow, I mean. I bought a huge snow shovel when I first got there. Bad idea. That monster snow shovel held more snow by weight than I could every shovel consistently.

I’m sure (hope) you are all anxiously awaiting tomorrow’s post about pulling down the mesquite tree. Let’s hope it’s successful, and no further damage or injuries occur.

An additional note, I have been waving the flag against a radio station in San Antonio as of late for their claim of being a classic rock station. I sent them emails, and received replies and still no results. Anyone who plays classic rock cannot be classic rock if they do not play The Who…period.

I have dumped them for another station that plays seventies and eighties music; at least they don’t lie about what they play. Also, I turned my attention to more C&W stations; since we ARE in Texas. Am developing a new attitude about that type of music.

At least I keep my blood pressure more even since I dumped the others.

I have decided that this predicament is happening all over the country. I believe that the media is redefining classic rock by pushing anything recorded in the sixties as “oldies”.


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