Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch…

I drove back on Tuesday, the 10th and arrived in town about 12:15. I went to the ATM, post office, and pharmacy.

I got permission to purchase the $200 smoker from Home Depot. Now I just need to drive up and get it.

I was glad to see my friend and yours, Your Crazy Uncle Bubba return to our blog world. It ain’t the same without you, pal.

I am also glad to see that my friend and yours Dr. Jim is very close to getting settled after  moving halfway across the country from souther Cal to northern Colorado. He has done almost exactly what I aspired to do 5 years ago.

I found a really nice place outside of Cody Wyoming; 17 acres, 3000 sq foot main house; 4 br, 3 up one down, 2 bath one up and one down, huge fireplace in the center of house, professional gas stove, log cabin like outside, mostly wood paneling and flooring inside, wrap around porch, metal roof, self-contained bunkhouse with shower, kitchenette, next to 2 car garage with workshop,  attached to loafing shed for horses, 2 water wells, 500 gallon propane tank, and cross fenced for horses, and 5 minutes to Clark Forks river for $350,000.

Even if I had sold every single possession, and was completely out of debt, I could not have afforded it. I talked to my brother, but he had been brainwashed by his wife that moving to the Redoubt was foolish.

Sigh. The world needs dreamers.

The yard guy did not show up Tuesday; I know not why.

The weather had gotten much cooler, as I hit the north wind on the way up. Inside the house was 72 after opening the windows and outside doors. First blast of fall has arrived.

Even 300 miles south, my wife said they had rain and rain, and much cooler temps into the sixties. It won’t last, but it will mean the last of hundred degree temps until next year…mostly, mostly.

We have had lots of rain, according to my neighbor; around 4 more inches since I was gone. The area is very green.

The water troughs were dry, as were the bird feeders. I have not seen any deer as of this writing.

At the pharmacy, I picked up my new bundle of getting older reminders; lancets, test strips, and glucometer for testing my blood sugar. Crap. I suppose I’ll have to  give up drinking too.

There’s always smokin’ fatties I suppose.


I got up today fully intending to go into town and buy that smoker and fill water jugs. I had opened the carport door to let in the still cool north wind, and I saw my neighbor outside, so I went out to meet him.

There went the next hour and a half.

Turns out his house deal fell through. The buyers had an out as they wanted one more walk through. As they approached the property, they have to pass by what is technically called an ‘RV Park’. It’s really nothing more than a bunch of white trash trailer trash. You know the type; plywood added on extra rooms, satellite dishes buried in the yard, an outdoor shed that lists to port heavily, gotta walk through mud to get to the car, no garages or carports, get the picture?

The buyer’s wife cried as they welched on the deal.

My neighbor’s wife was so pissed that she has made inquiries about said RV Park and found out that the owner has not paid property taxes on it for three years. The owner lives there and drives a Cad.

Anyway, after our talk, it was almost noon. I’ll put my trip to town off until tomorrow.

I want to brew a Christmas ale this year; a dark, yet semi-sweet lightly spicy ale that warms the innards. If I do, I need to get my supplies ordered now so I can brew and let it age appropriately. I am really pushing it as it should be fermenting already. I still have brew left from last year, and if it wasn’t bottled in glass, I would be shipping it.


8 thoughts on “Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch…

  1. While we’re nowhere near what could be called a Redoubt, we’re FAR better off than in Kommiefornia.

    I’m saving $8~$15 per tank of gas in the Jeep, AND getting almost 1.5 MPG higher fuel mileage than running the crap Kommiefornia gas in solid stop-and-go traffic.

    And now that my wife has calmed down considerably after her melt down last night from reading the Home Inspection report, she’s talking to the realtor about getting a rapid response from the sellers as to what, if anything, they’re willing to do to keep this deal from falling apart.

    We knew going in it would need one ~125′ run of fence replaced, and the big cottonwood tree in the back yard would have to be severely cut back or completely removed. Our contractor in-law has a “Tree Guy” who really knows his stuff, and he recommended we leave a big section of trunk in the ground and have “Chainsaw Mama, LLC” come out and do her magic on it to turn it into a yard art thing.

    The roof is the Big Deal, though. We’re supposed to get a quote on a tear-off and replace (Required in Fort Collins; no “three layers of shingles” allowed!) later today.

    And I told her and the realtor to get ready to write an offer for the first house we looked at, which is still on the market, but had another $10k price drop yesterday….

    • According to Rawles, American Redoubt is just north of you, up to Montana, west to eastern part of Wash state, most of Oregon, Idaho, much of Utah…
      Hang on if you really want the house. If it has been on the market at while, they’ll come around. Now is the time they should be willing to deal. Suggest to them of knock off half a roof and fence from the price. I had two plains cottonwoods in my yard and just had folks cut them to the ground. The whole trunk will rot out anyway, save your money for a fence. Two grand on nit picking? I hate inspectors. They fault much to their own opinion, not what is really “in need of r eplacement”. Don’t give up if you really want it. No need to “settle”. If they can’t/won’t deal, then walk. You have the power.

      • Our agent just called back, and the seller is really starting to move on things.

        The listing agent revealed that they filed a claim for “repair” to the roof caused by falling limbs from the tree, so they know the tree is a goner. As to why they didn’t get the roof replaced from the hail damage, well…..our contractor in-law tells us that no roofing company out here will do it if the big tree that caused other damage is still there. SO….they “patched” the roof, and left the re-roof and tree removal for the next owners.

  2. Huh…it cut my reply off….

    Anyway…it’s been on the market for over 70 days, and we’re the ONLY offer they’ve received. Since the owners now live up by SF Bay, and the place is now costing them just to maintain it so they can sell it, they’re getting pretty anxious to get rid of it.

    We’re going to insist they, or the insurance company, pick up the tab for the roof. We’re somewhat willing to pick up part of the tab for the tree and the fence, and let the other little things slide, but they don’t know that, and we’re going to push to get them to pick up as much as possible.

    Like you say, we’re holding the high cards, and there’s two other houses we love here, that are newer and in better condition on expensive items like the roof.

  3. “Crap. I suppose I’ll have to give up drinking too.”

    It just means you can’t have any mixers, wine, or beer. Say goodbye to the homebrew. You have to drink your booze with water or strait. Watch the American whiskey’s as they can be high in carbs. Irish and Scotch whiskey are much lower. So is most shine unless it has fruit infused. Avoid tequila, gin, brandy, and any flavored vodka. My drink of choice is Scotch, strait up.

    I do the low carb diet where I limit myself to a max of 80 carbs per day. I have cut the booze way back and eat so many vegetables I have become an untapped natural gas reserve.

  4. That’s good to know, T. Will go shopping for appropriate Scotches. I hear ya about the gas reserves from high veggie and fruit diet. I suppose I’ll be right there with you. 80 grams huh. That’s a lot of carbs unless you include your booze with that, then well…it ain’t so much.

    • 80 grams of carbs is less than a good beer. Your TexMex food is also loaded with carbs – no more refried beans, Mex rice, or nachos, and you got to get the whole wheat flour tortilla for a blackened fish taco w/ pickled cabbage. It is a life changer.

      • I went shopping today and bought the meat smoker, a whole chicken, some boneless pork chops, Cheerios, whole wheat bread, oven roasted turkey, romaine lettuce, baby carrots, peaches, tomatoes, lots of apples, pears, ground beef, and I made meat loaf for dinner, and a few meals after probably.

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