So, What’s Next?

Bring it on. What else can they throw at me?

My daily breakfast regime is now just 3-4 pieces of turkey bacon and coffee. I have lots of it. I have lots of pork bacon too, but I leave it alone, tempting as it is. My problem is my teeth. I had an upper  molar cut out a few years ago, and it severely put a dent in what I can eat. The other side is missing two teeth side by side. The bottom has all teeth on both sides.

My upper left wisdom tooth has been chipped, and the one next to it has had a root canal, and has also broken off the top leaving me with little surface area with which to chew. Yeah, it’s a bitch to chew bacon, and well any type of meat; steak, pork chops, chicken. I am constantly searching for recipes since I am now mostly on a high protein diet.

The other night, I baked some boneless pork chops with Shake n Bake. They were delicious, and I ate them all, suffering through the long chewing process, noticing that my wisdom  tooth was irritated.

Yesterday, my wisdom tooth hurt like hell when I bit down on it, but I cooked and ate bacon anyway.  Well that really irritated it, and I was in constant pain the rest of the day.

I have some leftover hydrocodone from a previous dentist trip and some penicillin, and I took those last night at bedtime. I figured that the hydro would knock me out like a light. Wrong. It was a restless night of sleep, and my tooth still hurts like hell.

My BP was way up this morning too: 154/84.

No more hydro. I am still recovering from the one hit, but you know how when the sun reflects off a lens and it flashes across your eyes? That’s what I am getting this morning…and there is no sun today.

Ibuprofen, with the penicillin again at 3:00, and protein shakes today.

Need some ice cream, about 1/2 gallon would do. No peanuts.


4 thoughts on “So, What’s Next?

  1. Two weeks ago, I had a tooth break in two, and the part that broke off was broken below the gum. It didn’t hurt, so I figured I had some time….until Tuesday morning. I awoke to the dull throbbing pain, and my face looked as though I was hit with a bat.

    Wednesday brought an early trip to the dentist, which led to the removal of an old wive’s tale of not pulling a tooth if it’s abscessed. They pulled it, and I remembered how much I don’t like having deadening shots. They always feel like a knitting needle plugged into 110, until the deadening takes effect. I didn’t come out of the chair, but I would have if the five seconds had lasted another perceived two hours.

    I don’t know what it is about life, but the things supposed to happen in different time all happen at once.

    Good luck, and scotch helps with racing thoughts.

  2. In the words of Slick Willie, “I Feel Your Pain”!

    I was chomping on some popcorn the other night, and a bottom tooth, which was cracked, busted a chunk off, and now I have this frickin’ DAGGER of a point jabbing the bottom of my tongue when I try and eat something.

    Daughter-in-law knows a good dentist, so I’m waiting to get in and see her to get the point ground down until she can cap it.

    I’m ready to dig out my Dremel tool and have a go at it myself……

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